Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 20, 2016

“Nintendo hardware is underpowered!”

Did you hear about that underpowered console Nintendo put out? In terms of CPU alone, the competitors were THREE TIMES faster and pretty much a generation ahead. Clearly, no good games ever came out for it. No one bought it. And they certainly would never buy such a console thirty years later when it was clearly obsolete when it launched.

I am talking about the NES of course.

Let’s talk about Nintendo handhelds. They are all very much underpowered compared to the competition. But it didn’t matter.

My point is that you never perceived Nintendo hardware to be ‘underpowered’ until recently. Underpowered… defined by whom? Not to the child. Not to the family. Not to the customers.

Small. Cheap. Powerful. From those three options, choose two. This is how consoles are made.

My $199 price point hope for Switch may actually come true. I like the idea of the hardware being very reliable. Let me spend money on buying more games, not on replacing hardware. And I am going to buy ALL the games because they are on cartridges.

It’s amazing how clouded people’s views are by one single generation. Better thinkers can see all the generations. When they think of Nintendo today, they think of 3DS and Wii U, not DS and Wii, not Gameboy and NES, not SNES, not Gameboy Advance, etc. 3DS and Wii U did have major hardware flaws (OMG 3d and giant ass controller), but power was not one of the problems.

The problem Nintendo has right now is that no software has been revealed for the Switch (especially with Zelda BoW being a delayed release). The only thing people have to think about with the Switch, now, is the hardware.


Wait until Nintendo’s presentation of the software. Your thoughts of the hardware will disappear because hardware is never important. The Switch is just a box we buy to get to the game. (paraphrasing Yamauchi)

I think Switch is poised to become a premier classical system that will live on for long time. A big reason for this is going to be the lack of internet needed for games (due to Switch’s mobile nature) and because of CARTRIDGES. Minecraft on a cartridge? Terraria on a cartridge? Yes, please.

For all we know, we all could be lined up at stores waiting to buy the Switch Mini being re-released after 30 years in 2046. You will either be dead or 30 years older. Stranger things have happened.



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