Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 11, 2017

New Super Mario Brothers All-Stars

Nintendo has shown us the Switch hardware. Pah! ANYONE can make console hardware. The console graveyard is filled with consoles. The question is… can Nintendo create compelling VALUE FILLED SOFTWARE? This question will tell us if Nintendo is filled with genius or morons. We will know in days.

One extremely cheap HIGH VALUE software package that Nintendo can do is create a new Mario All-Stars: a New Super Mario Brothers All-Stars. It would include:


New Super Mario Bros. 2 box artwork.png


New Super Mario Bros. U box art.png

New Super Luigi U.jpg

Four Mario games and a Luigi game! The Versus Mode in NSMB DS can be filled out as its own separate game to play with other Switch players.

“But Malstrom! That is too much content! Too much value!”

Wrong. Nintendo did this before for the Super Nintendo. There are no higher value games than Super Mario Brothers 1, 2, 3, World and Lost Levels. NONE. And Nintendo put them all into one cartridge.

Nintendo can do the same. This time, Nintendo doesn’t have to bump everything up to 16 bit graphics. The DS and 3DS game might need some tweaking, but nothing on the scale of moving the 8-bit Mario games to 16-bit.

All that 2d Mario on one cartridge would be a powerful value-ridden driver. Perhaps Nintendo might save it for Year 2 or Year 3 of Switch as a cheap way to drive sales as Nintendo did for the Super Nintendo.

Above: Again! Bring back the Mario girls! And have Reggie Fils-Aime be the salesman in front! MARIO! OOOOOOHH!



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