Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 12, 2017

The giant walks…

Do you feel that, reader? It is the tremors of the Nintendo giant bringing in GENERATION NINE.

The software line-up will be the most important part of the console. We play video games. We do not play hardware.

Two generations ago, that statement was confusing to people. The gaming community, at least, has made progress. Software is what matters, not the hardware. We buy the hardware only to get to the software. What is the tech of the Switch? It doesn’t matter. The NES was a piece of shit even back in 1985. But it had great software. The NES Mini is still a piece of shit in 2017. But the games on it are still good.

The games are all that matters.

“But Malstrom, what launch games should I buy?”

All of them!

Related image

Reggie: “Thank you, Malstrom. You took the words out of my mouth.”

I think it is a good sign that there is more anticipation over the SOFTWARE reveal than for the HARDWARE reveal. BTW, everyone I show the Switch preview too loves it. My nephews want it bad. This is not going to be another Wii U unless the line-up looks like:

Yet Another 3d Mario

Aonuma Zelda: Cell-shaded With More Trains

Sakamoto Metroid and Federation Force Combined

Pikmin 4

Starfox Zero 2

I also expect another Zelda trailer. Remember the Gamecube and Wii U ones?


We get an awesome Zelda trailer that is nothing like the actual game! Aonuma: “We will hype you with these cool trailers so you buy the hardware, but the actual software will use a completely different art style! Hahahahahahahaha!”

Though with Breath of the Wild, they may not do this. They didn’t for Wii.

So I am expecting a Metroid trailer. Everyone will get excited. “OMG WTF BBQ! METROID IS BACK!” But when the actual Metroid game comes out, it will be Wind Wakered.

“See guys?” Nintendo says. “Cell shaded Metroid tis better! And instead of guns, we’ll use fruit! Fruity Metroid! It will bring in the demographic of females to the Metroid franchise! And Samus will have a hair styling mini-game too! Instead of killing scary Metroid aliens, we will have a soap opera love affair where Samus makes babies and gets to explore her MATERNAL INSTINCTS!'”

Nintendo fans: “……”

The question we need to ask is, “What is Nintendo’s killer app?” No one uses that phrase anymore which is curious. Killer app means system seller like Wii sports or Super Mario Brothers for NES. Will the Switch have a killer app?



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