Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 13, 2017

Email: I’m surprised you’re so optimistic

This was terrible.

We already knew about Zelda.

I don’t care about Mario.

Skyrim is 6 years old, and it’s best played on PC anyways (the modding community for Skyrim is insane.)

I don’t really care about Splatoon, though some people might like it.

Beyond that, what did they show? A bunch anime RPG games that I have zero interest in. 2 party games. FIFA.

The console is overpriced. It costs $300 for the system. Joycons cost $80. Pro Controller costs $70. A replacement Dock costs $90. No joke, a hunk of plastic with an HDMI port costs $90.

There’s paid online, like Microsoft and Sony. The only solace is that Nintendo will give subscribers a few free NES and SNES games they can play for a month. Wow.

This is horrible, horrible, horrible. This is worse than the Wii U launch.

It’s not. You’ll see.

Look at the history of launch line ups. They all suck. The truth is that launching consoles is hard. Very, very hard. SNES probably has the best launch line up of any game console, and even that didn’t help it against the Genesis. What helped the SNES against the Genesis was, aside from Donkey Kong Country, was putting out games you don’t like: sports games, licensed shit games, kid games, party games, etc.

The RPGs are badly, badly needed on the Nintendo console. I don’t care if they are ports of older RPGs. An RPG is an RPG.

The consumer such as myself does not buy game consoles (I’ve never bought a PlayStation or a Xbox to this day). Skyrim on Switch is a good thing, not a bad thing. More RPGs are good. There is a big Nintendo segment out there that has been wanting them (most SNES fans are RPG fans).

These are also just the first day line up. We get to go through E3 2017 which I am sure will be more games announced. Most game consoles do not launch in March. They launch in November where all the games get shoved there to be released.

The NES launch line-up was crap. As was the Gameboy. The DS. The Wii’s. No, I take that back. We are missing a racing game like Excite Truck or a Wave Race.

I’m finding stuff I want to buy on the Switch. I consider myself more ‘average’ of your consumer tastes. I do not like the Joycons, but I do like the Switch hardware.

Launching a console is such a herculean task. I don’t see anything different from this launch line up than from other systems’ launch line ups.



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