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Email: Looks like Nintendo is finally going straight down the commode Malstrom

Straight down the commode! Oh noes!

I’m sad to say Sean that I agree with this hipster cuck writer from Forbes named Paul Tassi (with his ridiculous freshly pinched off and pointy turd haircut so popular with young male millenial hipsters these days) that the Switch simply looks like another abysmal Wii U in the making.

For my own brilliant thoughts I think the Switch will look like its doing well at first due to it being a newly launched Nintendo console with the latest overhyped Aonuma Zelda turd defecated out onto the gaming public as a launch turd/title but as an MSNBC employee/writer named Steven Kent once told me in reply to one of my youthful naievety filled emails from many years gone by where I basically poured my little heart out and expressed my desperate emotions of the time: “That a good Zelda game could in my opinion “save” any one of Nintendo’s floundering consoles!” he wisely told me that: “One game cannot make or break a system” or something to the effect of that.

Note: Maybe this “wisdom” was wrong at least one time via Microsoft with Halo but for all other situations/scenarios what Kent told me long ago seems to hold true.

Besides all that “Breath of the MILD” is going to be released for the Wii U as well which mutes it’s overall sales impact on the idiotically named “Switch” console.

As for the rest of Nintendo’s rancid presentation? Zzzzzzzzzzzz YAWN SNORE! -_-

Mario? Looks like CRAP

Bomberman? Never EVER appealed to me NOT EVER!! C-R-A-P!!

Boring puzzle games? Wow did I need any more reminders that Aonuma works for this company again??

Price point for EVERYTHING? INSANE!!!

Nintendo will certainly slurp up the cash from the morons/sycophants/droolards of their fanbase which you yourself dub “the hardcore” but as for the rest of us sane people/gamers?

Not happening. This console is going to be another DUD along the lines of the N64 which means it will be a market failure but likely acrue a certain number of co-op/party games that gives it a cult following but do little else than that.

Third party or going out of the gaming business entirely can’t be far off for Nintendo after this thing FAILS which it will.

What a shame.

If only they weren’t such a terminally arrogant and out of touch company.

Is this the same Steve Kent that we’ve heard about in the past? If he said one game cannot change a system’s sales, he needs to get out of analyzing the video game business. Seriously.

Tetris and Gameboy. Pokemon and Gameboy. Brain Age and DS. Nintendogs and DS. New Super Mario Brothers DS and DS. New Super Mario Brothers Wii and Wii (catapulted Wii sales and shocked Nintendo as they thought Wii sales would start trickling down). Wii Sports and Wii. Super Mario Brothers and NES. Donkey Kong Country and SNES. Sonic the Hedgehog and Genesis. Halo and Xbox. Final Fantasy 7 and PS1. Grand Theft Auto 3 and PS2. The list goes on and on and on.

But here’s the rub! You never know where the next killer app will come from. It could come from anywhere! Grand Theft Auto 1 and 2 were OK games and were on the PC. By having such a massive software pipeline that included that series, it increased the probability of surprise hits such as Grand Theft Auto 3. Or take Final Fantasy 7. Why should Nintendo have cared about Final Fantasy when Final Fantasy 1, 2 (4), Mystic Quest, and 3 (6) sold so tepidly in the West? But by Sony embracing a Mass Software strategy instead of focusing on their own internal games like Nintendo, the PS1 smoked past the N64.

No one is going to read that Forbes author. The Game Industry, analysts, investors, and such all want to know the future of Switch. So who are they going to read? They are all here now waiting with baited breath to know what the future of Switch will be.

I began to go crazy with the DS. Finally, Nintendo had fixed the issue with the GBA and gave us SNES like button scheme. I saw Mario Kart DS which was designed to rival Super Mario Kart. I saw the return of 2d Mario. I saw Final Fantasy 3. And I began to run around in circles going “OMG” and bought the DS, its games, from not having bought a Nintendo system since the SNES. I was part of the initial ‘wave’ of DS resurgence. I knew DS would be so awesome that I had to get it then (the launch of DS software was pretty bad). I knew DS would be great. And it WAS great. DS rivals the SNES in many ways in its awesomeness.

The Game Industry was knocked back by the DS resurgence and overtaking the PSP. Pachter even admitted doing double takes on the NPD numbers as they were so massive! Where were these consumers coming from? Attention then turned toward the Revolution. The DS awesomeness was what got me to make this website as everything else I was reading on the Internet sounded insane. “PS3 will outsell everything because of branding.” WTF? No. That is Atari logic there. On message forums, hardcore gamers thought I was insane. So I made this website to counter the insanity.

I didn’t know much about the game industry. I knew games as a consumer and a little from development. But writing about games made me learn more. I researched the history and saw interesting patterns and connections. And, of course, we went into Blue Ocean Strategy and disruption. I was so over the top with my awe of the Wii that everyone thought me insane Nintendo fanboy.

Then the Wii came out. And we know what happened then. We know what happened with Wii Fit, with NSMB Wii, with Mario Kart Wii, and so on.

In 2008, I really began to get critical of Nintendo. I could see they were straying from the path. Readers will remember me bashing Metroid Other M and thinking Sakamoto was nuts. I was bashing Aonuma for Zelda’s direction and 3d Mario. Nintendo fans simply don’t do that and they begged me to stop. The point wasn’t that I was always correct (I wasn’t), but I did notice an error in Nintendo’s trajectory which would be made clear as the error’s thinking avalanche into Generation 8 disasters.

There was much hype for 3DS online at least. The 3DS was very well presented. I liked Reggie bringing out the babes. But I felt uncomfortable with the 3DS and right before it launched, I came out against it. It was hard to do because the readership was so positive about it. But I think readers would prefer me being honest than trying to say something they’d rather hear.

With the Wii U, we were all on the same page that it was a disaster.

Like a Sine Wave, you have Nintendo ascending with the DS, peaking with Wii beginning, declining with Wii ending, decline with 3DS, and hit bottom with Wii U. If there was a ‘collective’ on the Internet, I was out of sync with it especially at the tail end of Wii’s lifecycle and 3DS start.

Now, it is clear I am once again out of sync with the ‘collective’ on the Internet (I do not use collective in any other way as just saying ‘general consensus’). With the price and paid online, these have triggered some gamers to really bash the Switch. They come to this site, expecting to hear something similar to their thoughts, and they are “surprised to see Malstrom optimistic.”

This isn’t Wii. But I think the Sine Wave is moving up. Nintendo is in ascension. It will be clear in time as all things are.

Now that we have most of the pieces, we can say what the future of Switch will be. The game industry, analysts, and investors are here now wanting to know. And I will tell them in a moment.

Think about this for a moment. I’ve done this for over a decade, for generations. I fill in the dead news time with various rants and oddities. Aside from a quirk of asking emailers to refer to me as ‘Master Malstrom’ (haha), I have received nothing from doing this site. I have gained no money. I have gained no real world fame. Despite interview requests, I stay in the shadows. I am not interested in getting gamers to like me. I am not interested in Nintendo developers to like me.

All I want is one thing: great video games. Gaming can be so much better than this. Gaming is better than the ‘game industry’. Fuck the industry. I really wish I could go back in time and tell myself in the 1980s and 1990s that some of those consoles are the best you’ll ever see.

Are gaming’s best days behind it? I hope not.

I’ve wondered what if I put out a proper forecast like our good friends, the analysts, do complete with quantitative popcorn charts. Could I sell it to investors? And here I am, giving it all away for free in a rhetorical soup that is this blog site. It is a big reason why I have to stop this. This activity isn’t profitable for me.

But we will show them the future of Switch because we all want gaming to be awesome again.



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