Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 13, 2017

Email: Nintendo switch presentation

Hey there! so what are my thoughts?

The presentation was OK. I have said it before but I hate when Nintendo developers act like bufoons. It’s like they trying to make Nintendo about THEM and not the games. But I agree with you that it was a nice to see new faces and it was well set up.

I like how the console is a synthesis of all Nintendo consoles. Will it work? we’ll see.
They kept repeating that it is a home console that can be taken out. Not a portable that connects to a TV just in case people doesn’t get it yet. Because some they just don’t.

300 bucks? I expected 250 but I guess that’s fine. Pay for online? I don’t think so.

They joy cons are too small!

About the games:

1-2 Switch: They are obviously taking a page from Wii sports and Nintendoland. But Wii sports were arcade SPORTS. That’s why it succeeded. Nintendoland was too kiddie and that’s why it wasn’t a success. This one suffers of identity crisis. Yes I bet the games are fun but too weird and quirky to gain mass appeal. People bought Wiis to play Wii sports. I really doubt anybody will buy a switch for this one.

ARMS: May be fun. But I doubt anybody will care. Fighting fans? nah. Boxing fans? lol. who is this game aimed to?

Splatoon 2: I sold Splatoon on Wii U. It was a good game but I lost interest very quickly. At least this one will have local multiplayer. So far, don’t care.

Super Mario Odyssey: 3D Mario goes back to real 3D after trying to be 2D and failing. Fine. 3D Mario should be 3D. not trying to canibalise 2D Mario shamelessly. I have never been a fan of 3D Marios. I was never crazy about Mario 64 and HATED Mario shunshine. The galaxy games were a bit better but I stick with 2D Mario. Maybe this one is good. We’ll see

Oh good another Xenoblade. Not a fan of these games.

Fire Emblem Warriors. Ok I’ll admit that the Fire emblem universe fits into the Warriors theme. So be it. Whatever.

Mario kart 8 deluxe. I really really hope that they release the extra content for Wii U users because I am not getting a switch to play a game I already have! I’d rather wait for MK9.

That trailer of Zelda was awesome. Looks exciting! I can’t wait.


Overall I liked what I saw. But the first year in a console has many hits and misses. I’ll wait. You’re right that this game won’t be a Wii hit but won’t be a Wii U failure either. And that’s good.

Take care!

You make a good point about Arms. Games should be aimed at an audience. Who is the audience for the game?

In simplistic terms, I’ve always seen consoles as a three market segments. You have the Hardcore Gamers who buy anything because they are mouth breathers and buy all games anyway. Nintendo always gets these… at least the Nintendo flavor of the hardcore. The next market would be enthusiast gamers like myself who doesn’t like hardcore bullshit. I like Switch having games like Minecraft and Stardew Valley even if they are old games. I bet they both sell a ton. I still like games like Bomberman. And then the third market would be the non-gamers. So you have gamers, lapsed gamers, and non-gamers.

Wii U could only get hardcore gamers and kids like the Gamecube. I do not see Switch hitting non-gamers like the Wii or NES. But I do see Switch hitting the second market: lapsed gamers. This would put Switch more on par with the SNES than the NES.

All these home console games being put on carts jumps the value up tremendously. Not to non-gamers or to hardcore gamers, but to former gamers you betcha.

The Switch being ‘semi-portable’ will appeal to the former gamers as they can better integrate gaming with their daily life.

Who is the Switch for? I think it will be a hit with the former gamer market.

Even more interesting is that multiple Switches will be sold to a single household (instead of one home console per household). This will bump the numbers up.

The question I have, especially with Bomberman, is: DOES THE SWITCH ALLOW SPAWNING? Does the Switch allow multiplayer with other Switches with only one cart? DS did. My Bomberman DS cart fuels 8 player games.

I am not going to buy 8 Bomberman games to play 8 player Bomberman in handheld mode! If I can play 8 players online or on one screen, I should be able to play 8 players from one cart with multiple Switches.



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