Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 13, 2017

Email: No Miiverse/Mii horsesh** is definate plus

Hi there Sean,

Like everbody else I’ve seen the Switch presentation. So I might as well give some of my thoughts along with everybody else.

Up front I’ll say that I’m a former Wii U owner. Sold my machine just last week in preparation for the Switch.

Despite having owned a Wii U though, i’d consider myself a lapsed fan. I skipped pretty much most of the big games like 3D World etc. I’d put myself in a category that wants nintendo to succeed, granted that they make great software. Not trash like federation force or Star Fox Zero. Wii U and 3ds had way too much mediocre or outright BAD software.

So that Nintendo Switch then, eh?

Let’s get the bad out of the way: i hate that price and i Hate, Hate, HATE paying for online multiplayer. So much money to pay for getting the damn box. Yuck.

But…, there’s something that keeps pulling me back. I can’t help it! I want this machine at LAUNCH!

All of that is simply because of the software.

Like you said, I keep finding things I want to play.

But another important factor is NO. MORE. MII’s!!!

1,2 Switch and ARMS are great examples. Those games would have easily been Mii/Wii titles in the past but now not so much of a hint of that stuff.

Mario Kart 8 also doesnt have any mii’s in it, from the looks of it.

It’s a small thing that goes a long way. Rather then tying new ideas to stupid Mii crap, we at least get to see some fresh new faces in nintendo’s software. A new identity for its games.

No miiverse is also great, i hated that stuff on the wii u and never used it! Useless bloat is what that was.

Truth be told: im really looming forward to the switch. It seems like Nintendo is turning to a new chapter in its history.

P.s. Bomberman being back is awesome and bodes well for nintendo keeping smaller titles like it alive on the switch.

This is a longtime reader. You are right. There were no Miis shown.




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