Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 13, 2017

Email: Switch Impressions

I definitely agree that they were way too vague with the launch lineup. However, the launch window (into holiday 2017) looks meaty.

I feel very hit and miss about ARMS. I have had an unsatisfied craving for a motion controlled fighting game since 2006. This is the closest we’ve gotten to it. However, the character design seems Lame. I feel like it will have a similar problem to Splatoon in that it will be content-poor and will be lacking in mythos. However, while Splatoon could have made up for it with a larger overworld and heartier single player campaign, I expect ARMS to have these problems on a grander scale, lacking both anything worth exploring and any sort of eye candy to create a lasting impression. It will feel like a tech demo. Also, why do you need 2 sets of joy cons to play? For a console touting it’s packed in controllers, you can’t even do multiplayer out of the box!

It will be interesting to see Splatoon 2 in the early launch cycle. Was the first just a popular purchase for Wii U owners who wanted to justify their hardware purchase? Or will it demonstrate a hunger for a different kind of shooter? With part of the appeal of Switch being permanence of cartridges, a large part of this one’s success is based on how large the offline aspect is.

SMT and NMH both appeal to me, but that’s really rather irrelevant when we won’t be seeing them for years.

Bomberman and Sonic Mania look like they will be fun and cheap. Will they be online only? I’d like carts for those.

Xenoblade 2 is actually the 3rd Xenoblade game. I guess they want to forget X. I’ve been playing Monolithsoft RPGs since Baten Kaitos, but I feel pretty burned out of them at the moment. It will have to wow me it does look better than X though.

MK8D, not in the presentation but released on YouTube, features a real battle mode. I just might be willing to buy Mario Kart 8 again for that. It releases 2 months after the console.

I kinda liked the look of Project Octopath Traveler. Might be the JRPG I pick up.

I own Skyrim on PC, don’t see anything justifying a rebuy.

Mario Odyssey, I expect to do disproportionately well for 3D Mario. PoGo seems to have given Pokemon SM a healthy boost, and Super Mario Run is doing better than I thought. If it really leads customers to Mario, it could be a multi million seller, and make it easier for Nintendo to pretend 2D doesnt exist. Seeing real world New York, though, is bizarre. My first instinct was Sonic 2006.

The Zelda trailer was incredible. I imagine it took the place of a realistic Zelda tech demo since it’s coming out soon. But while it was an action packed trailer that promises a dramatic epic, I wonder how the American dub will go over. One thing I like about Japanese dialogue is how dynamic it is, and the English replacements are often awkward. This matters a lot since I expect long cutscenes. I also still think you’ll have to go out of your way to be challenged. Most hard enemies so far seem easy to just walk away from, or through. In the first 2 it was still hard to just try to blaze through screens with hard enemies. With the slow telegraphed moves things like the stone golem have, it seems like it will be ready to avoid.

1 2 Switch actually interested me a fair bit. A quick draw game sounds really fun. But I’m not paying $60 for it, and it’s apparently not bundled in. It’s a shame that this and ARMS will probably perform poorly, as it might lead to underutilisation of the motion controls, which along with the HD rumble jump the price up a fair bit.

I had hoped for some stronger 3rd party titles at release. A port of Persona 5 or FFXV or FFVII would have set the tone for the console as a place to be for RPGs. Persona 5 will probably not sell too much, but it sells to a kind of gamer that Nintendo could easily win over, and those gamers will be buying PS4s really soon, of they haven’t already. Dark Souls is another typical AAA third party game that weeks later would have been nice to have on a cartridge.

And the news of paid online hurts. They will really have to make up for it with some good features out of the box.

What’s very interesting is that Retro still has no revealed game since Donkey Kong tropical freeze. I expect an E3 reveal and 2018 release for whatever it is. If they rebooted Metroid on the GameCube and Donkey Kong on the Wii, maybe they’ll be ready to reboot another franchise this time. Maybe a Mach Rider game to provide a post apocalyptic Mad Max vibe. Maybe a new IP that interests more than ARMS.

I think even after this Nintendo hasn’t played all its cards. I expect to see some up-ports from Wii U, like Smash Bros Deluxe and Super Mario Maker.

Good email. With all this information coming out, I forgot that ARMS would need another pair of Joycons to do multiplayer. Based on that alone, you can easily declare ARMS will be a market dud.

I need to find a list of all the confirmed Switch games and their release dates. Too much confusion!

Now I’m going to go see what else Nintendo has said that I couldn’t see since I was updating this site.



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