Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 13, 2017

Email: Switch

Overall – I’m mildly excited, but I’m almost as equally on guard. There was a lot of good shown off.

The joy cons are tiny things, but just big enough to work. The addition of the L & R buttons was a real surprise. The other features are cool, but only 1 out of every 50 releases will do something interesting with them.

What else is tiny? That battery life. 2.5 – 6 hours? What a joke. How did we start off with 30 hours (GameBoy) and work our way down to 2.5 hours? They could have made the thing thicker to allow for a larger battery or bundled the system with a carrying case that can charge it. That would make the $300 pricepoint a lot easier to swallow.

My first thought on Mario Odyssey is that it should either be called Mario Adventure or Sonic Adventure: Starring Mario. There are some very cool looking worlds in that trailer that I would like to explore. I also saw nearly as many crappy boring worlds. It’s like Mario 64, but they’re more upfront about the dullness or didn’t realize that they showed off some lame worlds.

Fire Emblem Warriors is only announced, but the devs behind it, I trust. It has my interest.

I’m on the fence about Xenoblade 2. I didn’t like Xenoblade, but I loved Xenoblade Chronicles X. If they can incorporate more of the feel of the latter and not the former I’ll give it a try.

No More Heroes 3. It won’t sell, but dammit I love that series. I’m probably part of the problem here, but I like stuff like it. If Nintendo wants to pay to make me happy, well there’s better ways to do it but I’ll accept this.

Retro’s game and work are still not divulged. We need to see what they are doing. They likely hold the killer app or at least something that will make us smile like all of their other games.

Zelda… I haven’t bought a Zelda blindly since Twilight Princess, I started to wait to see how long sentiment lasts (Il liked TP, but the stuff that followed was trash). I’m buying BotW blind, I’ve already reserved it.

Sonic Mania is cross-platform, but it’s one of the few 3rd party games that I would want to take everywhere with me.

So Zelda and Sonic. I have Elder Scrolls on my pc, it doesn’t need to travel with me.

There was some bs shown first that should be a pack-in that is somehow asking people for $60. For that, I don’t even mention its’ name. Project Octopath Traveler has strong potential, but so do My Life As A King for the Wii. Square likes to trick people with trailers, I’ll wait to see it and try it before I come close to buying it.

The oddest thing about the trailer, aside from not having a full launch list and online details, is the last quick showing of games. It looked like eShop games for the Wii U. I don’t know if that was to mean that Wii U eShop games will be playable on the Switch (highly unlikely) or that many of those games are being ported to the Switch. A button could be used to toggle between the 2 screen mode of Wii U games, but I don’t see them doing that. The only thing lending that kind of credence to me is the announcement of Deluxe games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. All of the content, reformatted for NX with new content added. They could have done that for Splatoon but didn’t. They made a sequel instead, that could have easily been Splatoon Deluxe. That may be the final nail to show that they’re leaving the Wii U stuff behind that they don’t believe should be salvaged. Which sucks, we need complete, explicit details on the online account what’s going to happen to VC and eShop games.

Yes, we need more online details.

We also need more business plan details but Nintendo has been tight lipped since Generation 7 since Malstrom will spread their business ideas across the Internet. haha




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