Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 13, 2017

Email: Thoughts on Switch

Hi, Sean I know you are ending your site, but I wanted to share my thoughts on Switch with you. After just seeing the Switch presentation, I am very disappointed. First off at a price of $300 I think the Switch is expensive given the continuing deterioration of the economy. While as a console the price could be viable, as a the handled it is much too expensive. At this price I do not think the Switch will sell more than one unit per family and handheld sales levels of previous generations will be cannibalized. I wonder what is Nintendo’s sales expectations for Switch? Do they expect Switch sales to be combined 3ds and WiiU sales or combined 3ds and half Wii sales. I know Nintendo is still counting on 3ds but given thier horrendous record of supporting past consoles I think it’s dead in the water. I am really disapointed with Nintendo decision to require paid online service. I think this a big step in the wrong direction. With previous consoles and handhelds Nintendo offered free online. Paid online is one of the reasons I have not purchased from Nintendo’s competetors.

I am also moslty dissapointed with the games shown in the presentation. I am in intereseted BOTW but the most recent trailer showing Zelda and other characters seemed off. I do not like the way Zelda looks in the game, given the more anime style the characters have. It does not flow with the rest of the game and is off putting. Arms seems somewhat like an interesting game. I think I would probaly like to play Splatoon 2. I dont know what they were thinking with the new 3d Mario game. Cartoon Mario in real New Yorks looks very off. I think people should be fired, at least Mario 64 is interesting in exploring Peach’s castle. The One Two Switch game could be interesting but dont how it will work. Nintendo’s pitch with the Switch is games for all,but I don’t see many games for me. Also where is the virtual console and account system, how will they work. This something they have been talking about. I’m not talking thier word, show it to us. One other thing I dislike is the lack of the dpad on the Joycon. I also am not a fan of Joy grip. Anyway for now I’ll go back to playing Mega Man X on the snes and pc gaming. I’ll look into getting a Wii U if there are good price discounts.


It’s hard to comment on the paid online service since we have no details of it yet. What led to this decision was probably Nintendo realizing they could not compete with Microsoft and Sony without a service of their own.

I’m not happy with the price, but I blame those damn over-engineered Joycons.



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