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Emails over Switch

Too many to respond to each. Nintendo does read this site especially on days like today. They will hear what you say.

Remember the 2DS?
If, down the line, Nintendo needs or wants the Switch to sell more, they can release a revision with Joy-Cons stripped of the extraneous features.

Of course, games that use those features but don’t require them (like touch) should be compatible with such simplified Joy-Cons.

After a D-Pad Joy-Con, I want a circle pad Joy-Con (the 2 on the same?). Being able to click it would feel great.
It would bring the only good feature from the 3DS, which is missing from the console lines that Switch is encompassing.
Without it, the Switch can’t be flat!

We didn’t hear about compatibility with previous controllers. This would be really appreciated considering everyone has some Wiimote lying around, nobody likes buying hardware, and the Joy-Cons are expensive.

I also want some degree configuration. It is part of the modularity deal. No more forced control scheme.
Arms seems fun, but it probably doesn’t need motion controls, so I should be able to play it without them, which would enable local multiplayer with only one pair of Joy-Cons and portable mode like Mario Kart.

Paid online… Well, they could at least give some free bandwidth for those that only play a little.

What about disruption?
To be “allowed” to disrupt, doesn’t Nintendo need to take care of the core first?
How will they handle Wii U owners? They’ll finally get LoZ:BotW, sure. It should have the Gamepad support as an option, even if the devs now find it pointless. An option can’t hurt for something that’s already been programed. It would differentiate this version of the game.
Most importantly, I think they should have online deals. For example, bought Mario Kart 8? Get a digital version of the Deluxe edition by only paying for the update. Or you still purchased it? Thanks! To show you we appreciate your support, here are some credits for virtual console games.
They need to put out the fire with the Metroid crowd as well (Sakamoto!! Finish Dread and put it out on Switchware at the very least!)

Disruption is a crappy product for crappy customers. There is no ‘core’ for disruption.

I haven’t looked at Switch from a context of disruption yet, but it is clear Switch isn’t getting in the Red Ocean with Sony and Microsoft. Wii U fell into that I think.

The presentation was a complete embarrassment. The price of the Switch is too high and the paid online is worse than the terrible Xbox Live and Playstation Plus services. You need a smart device to do things as simple as create lobbies and voice chat. You pay a monthly fee for the ability to play an NES or SNES game for a month only. 13 years since the DS and Nintendo has gone BACKWARD when it comes to online multiplayer gaming. Horrid. The JoyCons and Pro Controller are more expensive than a game. The battery life is poor.

ARMS is Wii Sports Boxing in HD with wacky arm stretching. Xenoblade 2 and Fire Emblem Warriors pander to anime obsessives, no thank you. The Zelda trailer mostly consisted of cutscenes focusing on story nonsense instead of gameplay. Skyrim for Switch isn’t even the remastered version with all of the DLC that was just released a few months ago. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe comes across as a giant “fuck you” to anyone who bought the original game since it has things that should have been there all along like the battle mode. Ultra Street Fighter II adds nothing of value other than palette swaps of Ryu and Ken. Mario Odyssey is completely devoid of ideas.

The only games the Switch has in the pipeline I care about are Bomberman and MAYBE Breath of the Wild, since I’m just waiting for Nintendo to show me things Aonuma has fucked up. There is no 2D Mario. I was interested and excited when the Switch announcement video was released, now any excitement I had is gone. Anything Nintendo could have done wrong with the Switch, they have done wrong. The Switch is not making me want to buy it, it is pushing me away. I’ll wait for a 2D Mario to be bundled with the system, and only if that 2D Mario isn’t lazy trash like the NSMB series.

What a disappointment.

The strong emotions here I think are good. I’m curious what people who are disappointed were expecting.

If you look closer at the wording, it simply says that you can use your smart device to set up online, not that it’s required.

To me it just sounds like a way to contact your game friends even when they’re not actively using a Switch, similar to the Steam mobile app.

The online service is laughable but I’m not focusing on it now since we don’t know much about it now. Also, I think most consumers see the Nintendo console for local multiplayer and singleplayer. NES Minis didn’t need online multiplayer to be sold out.

Nintendo is likely also monitoring people’s reaction with the online and will alter it. I don’t think anything there is set in stone.

It is not so much that making an online service is challenging, it is. But what is EXTREMELY HARD is launching a game console. It cannot be said enough times. There is no such thing as an easy console launch.

Remember how everyone thought the protagonist in LoZ:BotW was going to be a female? And how upset people got when we found out Link wasn’t and there would be no genderless option?

Seeing this new trailer was a refreshing take on a Feminine Zelda. I feel there has been the tendency to make her this frigid or fragile figure. It’s almost like Aounuma grew a pair doubled down on the male hero Link always was. I feel from the trailer that Link is a HERO again, not some nerd solving puzzles. Zelda (was that Zelda?) crying on his shoulder, but not in a pathetic way. Zelda is seemingly going through some self discovery, but Link doesn’t seem like some lame white knight that puts this woman on a pedestal as you also see him interact with other mysterious women and blowing stuff up. Acting like the kind of guy women want to be with and men want to be.

Sure, I’m someone who leans towards SWJ tendencies, and it’s great to pursue gender equality in our society, but it’s also refreshing to escape from the world once in a while and be a swashbuckling hero slaying monsters and getting the girl. I want video games to be great again.

This Zelda just feels different, it feels like the fantasy world I grew up with in the late 80’s and made me love video games. Even if I can’t secure a Switch at launch, I will be picking this game up on March 3rd.

A self-confessed SJW who likes Zelda being a girly girl! What has the world come to???

I love your take of Link being a nerd who solves puzzles. I am going to steal that. Link is a warrior, not nerd boy. Aonuma has turned him into nerd boy which I hated.

“I want video games to be great again.” Your quote is why this site even exists. I’m depressed and sick of the mediocrity. I know gaming will never be great again with Sony and Microsoft as they are not gaming companies. Sega is gone from hardware. It is up to Nintendo. They got very close in the DS and Wii era, but I don’t think they understood how we define quality.

Hey Nintendo, get Konami to put out another Castlevania game. Even a port of Symphony of the Night would be ace. THANK YOU FOR BOMBERMAN!

Master Malstrom

From the paragraph you posted, it suggests you can use your phone to do all of that. Not that you have to. And the ability to do all that from a phone, could be beneficial to some users.

The service also provides you with free games, every month, according to the feature list. Depending on the pricing, free games alone could make subscription worthwhile.


A Reader

We’ll find out about the online soon enough.

Emailer below is a Wii U owner:

The Switch has games that appeal to me, but for 300 dollars it is necessary to have a high level game for me to consider buying it.

Zelda would be that game, but it will leave for Wii U.

How will the Switch’s life span be? It is not good to pay $ 300 in a video game and after a few years he picks up dust in the corner of the room. The Wii U left a bitter taste and a sense of distrust. As much as I like the concept of the Switch, I’ll only consider buying when you have security that it will have a high-level game library.

Since I skipped Generation 8, I do not have that distrust. But judging from the sales, many Gen 7 Nintendo consumers skipped Gen 8.










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