Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 14, 2017

Email: Switch Stuff

– I mostly loved how the presentation was structured. Snaps to move to the next thing, mostly everyone was dressed well, very directly telling the audience the details of things they wanted to reveal. Translators could’ve been more on-point since the entire thing is scripted anyway, but I guess they didn’t want things leaking or something.
– I love my 3D Mario, but Mario Odyssey made me feel that either Mario’s universe has jumped the shark, or it was originally a non-Mario game and they just shoehorned him into it. I think the latter.
– I’m excited for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (X was as spiritual sequel set somewhere else, 2 looks like it might be a real sequel) and the possible return of No More Heroes (plans are nice, but I think the modern game industry has taught us that it’s not a thing until it’s a thing)
– I’m somewhat excited for Zelda and I feel like if I was younger I’d be excited for Skyrim. The thing about open-world games is that I think the wandering around spaces is just padding game-time to make it more impressive (I remember Twilight Princess bragging about how it was like 80 hours long, but 40 of it was just trying to get from Point A to Point B across barren landscapes), I like my levels concentrated or my open-world games packed-in more, like older top-down RPGs. I tried to play Skyrim and just got bored immediately walking around generic fantasy setting, looking for something to do. I really liked seeing voice acting in Zelda, but I’d rather play it in Japanese with subtitles than English (the Japanese take their voice acting more seriously and try to invoke more real emotion, English voice acting is pretty wooden and generic and “who cares, it’s a cartoon”) and I doubt that’s gonna be possible.
– Paid online means I’m basically never playing a Nintendo game online again
– I’m not a fan of the price-point, especially with how expensive the controllers are and how little hard drive space there appears to be. “Wait for the price drop”
– Do virtual console games and digital downloads carry over forever? This a huge question I still need answered.

I am a huge fan of the LIVE presentation. Not everything went right, but the vibe was awesome. This is why LIVE is more fun. They don’t have to do it often. For a console launch, which is twice a decade, is necessary. Go the extra effort for your machine.

On Youtube alone there were nearly half a million viewers. Fun!



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