Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 14, 2017

Email: Switch what else would it be

Been combing through neogaf since the presentation, but I think I have had enough of those jaded, whiny, crybabies. My first switch is for me moment was when I noticed Streetfighter 2 was coming. Great games are timeless, sometimes they need nothing more than a new coat of paint or a new way to play them.
Have these hardcore gamers been living in a barn for their entire lives, claiming that 300 dollars is too much for an innovative new home console? I don’t have numbers handy, but I believe adjusted for inflation there have been many consoles that exceeded that price point. Bad ones too.

What would make Switch the ultimate definite buy for me is a new Castlevania, not that piece of shit from that Mercury cleveland steamer studio. Since Konami felt motivated enough to bring Bomberman over maybe they (Konami) might bring a real Castlevania over as well.

First, we don’t know if Bomberman R is any good. Let us hope it is.

Second, does Konami have the talent to make a real Castlevania? At least Konami could port over some of the prior games.






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