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Email: Thoughts about Switch

Thoughts about Switch…

There’s not much to say about the hardware. The controllers are damn
expensive and they lack one of the most important aspects in gaming
ever: the D-pad. Playing NES and SNES games on an analog stick is
ackward – been there, done that, never again. Let’s hope Wii Remotes and
Wii Classic Controllers will work with Switch. (Malstrom Note: Don’t count on it!)

I did like the controller skins, and hope that the table unit will have
different skins packed in by launch. I mean the unit really is ugly, and
you’re supposed put that on a table where everyone can see it? Sheesh.
It does not look friendly at all. One of the major turn-offs with Wii U
was it’s colour and looks of it – but compared to Switch, Wii U actually
looks good. (What!?)

Which controllers you can use and how they’re used? Wii U had a problem
with controllers, because you never knew which controller worked and how
it worked, typically the gamepad was used to a secondary function in a
way that made the gamepad mandatory. I would really like to finally be
able to use the controller I want to play with. And I rather use my
money on games than controllers anyway.

Super Mario Odyssey was lame. Nintendo still haven’t figured it out
what’s their biggest problem. The content. The content of Super Mario
isn’t Super Mario, but mushroom kingdom. If you take away the mushroom
kingdom, you take away the content. Because of the lame content (of
“red” Mario games) even my kids didn’t care much about 3D Mario trailer.
Come on, New York, that’s where everything goes when you run into a
dead-end with your content. Ackward. (Yep.)

I’m afraid the game is also based around some hat-gimmick, judging by
the trailer with Oddjob-Bowser and Mario throwing and jumping on his

Zelda BOW as it is with Aonuma Zeldas, you need to be very cautious with
them. I just had the terrible idea, that the weapons that wear out, are
a puzzle by themselves! “You have 15 hits left with this weapon, that
causes 17 damage per hit, on an enemy with 700 health”.

Sonic The Pixel Art, what could be more lame? Besides remaking 3D Sonic,
that is.

Street Fighter was ok, Capcom at least understood that people do not
want this retro garbage looking like Pong, but the game actually had
good looking cartoon characters.

Bomberman hell yeah! As apparently it too had graphichs that looked like
they can be considered being made in the 2000’s.

Splatoon 2, this was the game my kids were the most interested about, I
did like it too, but I’m interested if you can play it using Wii Remote
and nunchuck or can you use the camera in the joy con as a pointer
device in the game. How about multiplayer? Also, paid online is turning
me off of this game.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The battle mode was a nice addition, but
considering the hovering is still there, Nintendo did not go on fix the
games biggest problem, that is the handling that keeps changing all the
time. If this game did not sell Wii U’s, it’s not going to sell Switch’s
either. Paid online is hurting the desirability of the game too. Let’s
hope Mario Kart 9 is out soon.

1 2 Switch trailer seems to imitate the early Wii Remote trailers, but
it was a little hard to figure out what you’re supposed to do in the

Xenoblade and SMT. Meh. Never played them, though.

Fire Emblem Warriors – so, when Nintendo need positive rap for it’s
fantasy games, they make a Warriors spinoff? Hyrule Warriors was a good
game as a co-op, so this one might be worth playing as well.

And the best game shown at the event? ARMS! Damn that was insanely fun
looking action! Too bad it needs expensive extra controllers in order to
play multiplayer. Let’s hope it was actual gameplay shown instead of it
being the modern Nintendo with “Try hitting by swinging your right hand,
let me show how it is done, now try it yourself! Oh, goodygoody. Now,
try stage two, hit with your left hand by swinging your left hand. Oh,
goodygoody. Did you know you you can perform a double shot by swinging
your both hands at the same time, try it out! Goodygoody, you’re getting
the hang of it! Try jumping by pressing the “JUMP” -button. Goodygoody.

No Miis were shown. Might be good thing. Not that there would be
anything wrong wit Miis by itself, it’s just that Nintendo have made the
Miis so lame by having them appear only in the lame content lately.

I wonder how the account system will work. If I buy a game online or pay
the online fee, can everyone else on the same system access the games
and play online regardless of the account/user.

No touch screen games were shown, so I take that as Nintendo is waiting
for the core audience reaction before revealing more.

My kids seemed to hate the parental controls features, that seem to be
pretty good.

So far, Switch has it’s pros and cons. In general, I’d say I’m pretty
neutral with it. We’ll see how it will turn out in the next couple of
week as we will be slowly getting more information.

I would not underestimate Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! The game could be bigger on Switch than on Wii U due to Switch’s ease of local multiplayer set-up (and battle mode). Some games do better on a different system. Animal Crossing performs better as a handheld game than home console game.

I think the ‘Mario Kart 8 didn’t sell Wii Us, so why would it sell Switches’ may be upside down. Mario Kart 8 DID sell Wii Us, so I expect it to sell Switches too. The reason why Wii U didn’t sell was for many, many reasons. Mario Kart 8 was not a reason for Wii U disinterest.

Take a look.

Mario Kart 8 is the top selling game for the Wii U. Gamecube didn’t sell either, but Nintendo was smart enough to continue Smash Brothers (top selling game on Gamecube).

New Super Mario Brothers, the next top selling Wii U game, would make for another excellent Switch port. Perhaps next year. Most of the Wii U library can be completely abandoned. I do want a Tropical Freeze port though.



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