Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 14, 2017

Return of the Viral Marketers

While Generation 8 was the dumps for Nintendo, Generation 9 is still unwritten. There is much about the Switch experience we do not know.

Readers who have been around remember the viral marketers. These guys are paid to create bandwagon effects against competitors and for their own products. You can tell what a viral marketer is because their complaints do not sound from the gaming context. “Switch doesn’t have blast processing!” Huh? Gamers play games, not hardware.

None of it will work. The avalanche of viral marketing against Wii (such as Wii’s hardware) never hurt it.

I think once people play the Switch and its games, the consensus will be settle down.

Nintendo believes in the Joycons enough for the price to stick out. Their experience may take us for surprise. We will have to have hands on experience to truly know.



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