Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 15, 2017

Email: My late to the party thoughts on Switch

I’m only now catching up. I didn’t watch the event. Here’s the lineup for me:

Must get: 2D Sonic, Street Fighter II and Mario kart Deluxe (feather!!).

Will likely get: Tetris and Bomberman

Wait and see: Zelda: BotW – Trailer looks good but I’m still planning on waiting until either someone I know has it so I can see.

What could push me over:
* Mortal Kombat 9, X and XI
* New sidescrolling Ninja Gaiden.
* Sequel to Ghouls n Ghosts (Gargoyles n Ghouls?).
* 2D sidescrolling Zelda. (like Zelda II) Tough twitchy, no puzzles, no smurfyness.
* Sequel to Mario 3. With epic music, epic levels, no hand holding, and no voice acting. Maybe a new villian.

These either have to either have at minimum MK9 quality graphics if they are 2.5D or if they are sprite based they be High Res like Street Fighter II HD Remix.

The console itself:

Yeah it costs. I don’t pay for online and will not buy games that rely on it. All online games should give the choice of using third party servers (that anyone can create with getting permission) or LAN. Until then they have no longevity.

Would like the Switch to be smaller (to fit in my pocket), have a dpad and more battery life.


It sounds like you are sticking with the usual suspects. Look more into the launch line up. There is probably more there you may have missed since it doesn’t have a recognizable brand name.

I don’t think the Switch launch line up has really stabilized especially with E3 months after Switch launches. We’ll see…



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