Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 15, 2017

Email: Now that my thoughts are settled

I ended up preordering. I wasn’t overwhelmingly superhyped, but rather when I heard pre-orders were selling out I didn’t want to be caught in a hardware drought in late summer.

Heaving felt let down by the Wii U, which only saw use for Smash and Netflix, I decided to use your test of 3 games now and 3 games later before buying. Bomberman has been a hit when played on my RetroPie (along with soldier blade and devil’s crush), so that will be a day 1 retail buy along with Zelda. I’ll get Redout or Fast Racing RMX, both games launching either in the month of release or very soon after, which is close enough to count.

The 3 future games will be Mario and Sonic, then probably 1 RPG from the choices I have. Xenoblade 2 looks to be more overtly anime than X was, and typical Shonen fare at that. It will need a better soundtrack than X had. Setsuna looks bland, but the chrono trigger combo attacks sound cool. I could also see myself getting SFII. ARMS will depend on the online details. The controller issue I mentioned earlier is alleviated by knowledge that motion controls can be disabled. Buying a second set of joycons was pretty out of the picture, but I will likely get a $30 wired Hori pro controller regardless of ARMS.

When I look at what I’m getting, I see such variety! People are too focused on the first day. By the end of 2017, the Switch will already have a healthy lineup of varied titles. I will have basically one game in every genre within a year. The launch day lineup may be lacking, but this is the best year 1 lineup I’ve ever seen for a console since I started with the N64.

And as a fun fact on the N64, when I got it, I thought I would be able to play Super Mario World on it. My mother, herself a lapsed gamer of sorts, knew enough not to get me the old machine. I had to settle for Super Mario 64, and I forgot that memory of wanting SMW until I would later read your blog around ’08. That, along with seeing my mother blast through the original LoZ on the Wii VC, were large reasons for me continuing to read your blog even after you stopped (apparently) worshipping Nintendo in the middle of the Wii generation.

hahaha. From a business standpoint, how could one not worship Nintendo during the early Wii years? It was unprecedented!

It’s funny that since the mid Wii lifecycle, I’ve been down on Nintendo. It does feel good to stand up in all the rubble and begin waving the Nintendo flag again. People are shocked, of course, of the optimism. But I always saw my job here to see the future. Wii was BIG BULL that turned into a SMALL BULL. 3DS was BEAR. Wi U was BIG FAT BEAR. With Switch, I see SMALL BULL that will eventually grow into normal BULL.

In order for Wii and DS numbers to occur, we need a 2006 economy. That simply isn’t going to happen. But the Switch is perfectly positioned to take up the upcoming economic rebound.

The DS was slow to grow because it was released too early. The DS did not have the correct software and the DS hardware had a revision (DS Lite). By hitting the expanded markets, DS went *pop*. The Wii had such a strong start because the Wii had the correct software on it and the correct hardware. Wii hit the expanded markets at launch.

I think the Switch is in a better place than the DS in knowing where it wants its hardware to be and already has the expanded market software. The problem the Switch faces is that it doesn’t have that 2005/2006 economy for it to *pop*. So when the economy does rebound, I expect the Switch to sail with it.

3DS and Wii U had offensive hardware and incorrect software. Nothing about Switch is offensive to me (aside from the initial price hurdle and those terrifying online pay plans). I don’t see anything wrong with the Switch software at this point with the exception that I want MORE software (but isn’t this the case at every launch?).



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