Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 15, 2017

Email: Yet Another Switch Reaction Email

The thing that stands out to me the most is that the system doesn’t seem to come bundled with a game. I’m surprised this isn’t a bigger point of contention for people, as the price of the Switch will actually be $360, since if you actually want to USE the thing you’ll need to buy a game in addition to the system. Has Nintendo EVER launched a system without a game included in the purchase before?

Hopefully they’ll announce a few different bundles so you can get what game you want with it. But they might charge extra for a bundle, and $300 is clearly already pushing it for a good number of people.

I won’t be buying the Switch at launch, but I never buy a console at launch anyway. For this reason I’ll be getting Zelda on Wii U. The game still looks fun to me but I don’t like anime-face Zelda and I really, really hope there’s an option for me to turn off voice acting. Nintendo doesn’t have the best track record with English voice acting, and I’m not too enthused after seeing the English dub of the Zelda trailer. I’d prefer if I can turn it off completely and just read the dialog, but if I can at least switch the dub to Japanese I’ll accept that too (I don’t speak Japanese, so for me it wouldn’t be too different from hearing the nonsense fantasy language from the past few games, haha).

Bomberman is actually the game I’m most excited for and probably the first game I’d get if I were to buy a Switch. I’m really, really happy this series has been revived. Not much else to say about it.

As for the presentation itself, I liked the showmanship. But they should have shown more of the games. They could have announced No More Heroes 3 in like two seconds, instead they had Suda51 stand on stage and blab about nothing for five minutes. Why not use that time to show the trailers for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Bomberman instead? The biggest offender with this is 1 2 Switch. They’re obviously trying to recreate Wii Sports with it, but we barely know anything about this game.

A pretty fundamental part of Wii Sports is that you could immediately understand it. We’re all already familiar with the sports games in it. 1 2 Switch is some kind of mini game collection I guess? Is it like Warioware, where a bunch of games fly at you really fast? Is it like Nintendo Land where you only have a small number of playstyles, but they’re all fleshed out a certain amount? What the hell is this game? You’re supposed to play it while looking at the person you’re playing with instead of at the tv screen, and personally I can’t decide if I think that’s weird and dumb or actually kind of neat, but I still don’t really understand how I’m supposed to play the game like that. Are the players just supposed to read instructions from the tv and then start doing stuff once a timer starts? Will a voice from the game announce what we’re supposed to be doing while we play? I’ll have to wait until there’s more information about this game, and it’s really not my kind of thing anyway, but I honestly just don’t know what this game is supposed to be. If it’s hard to explain how to play this game to people, that’s a big sign that it’ll be a dud.

I already have Mario Kart 8 so I’m good there. Something about Mario Odyssey seems weird to me, which is odd because I love 3D Mario. The hat is really stupid. It looks like a return to Mario 64’s control scheme rather than the simplified Galaxy/3DWorld stuff, and that has me hopeful, but the levels don’t interest me. Jungle world, desert world, food world, we’ve seen all that before. The only one that was new was new york which was just weird. Meh. I’ll probably pick it up at some point but right now I’m not really excited for it.

Everyone seems to hate the HD rumble but I’m actually looking forward to that, if it’s used well. I don’t care about using it for minigames or whatever, but if I’m playing Zelda and I can feel the difference between hitting a rock, a tree, an enemy with armor, and an enemy without armor, I think that’d be pretty cool. It’s a little detail but I think it would make me enjoy the game more, as silly as that might sound. But it’s definitely not worth the high price for additional controllers, and I hope they quickly start offering much cheaper controllers that come without that feature. The HD Rumble should be marketed as a luxury controller or something for immersive gaming, not the standard.

That’s about all I have to say. The other games don’t really stand out to me, but I’m glad they’re there for the people who are into them. It looks like a pretty decent launch list to me. I won’t be buying the switch right away, but I’m expecting it to build up a good library relatively quickly and I’ll probably pick it up once there’s a good sale.

Nintendo consoles not coming with a bundled game is actually the norm especially in Japan. Nintendo 64 didn’t launch with a bundled game. Gamecube didn’t launch with a bundled game. Wii only was bundled with Wii Sports outside Japan.

Nintendo definitely wants this Switch to be profitable. No matter how good the Switch sells or how bad it sells, it seems clear that the price is not going to be coming down.



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