Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 16, 2017

Email: Switch will become a RPG powerhouse that may surpass the DS and rival the SNES(2)

Malstrom said:

“Switch will become a RPG powerhouse that may surpass the DS and rival the SNES”
See what NIS SOFTWARE saying:

“As you’ve said, we are a software company that has grown together with PlayStation, and are well aware that a lot of our fans are on PlayStation platforms. So it is not as if we will stop developing games for PlayStation. Overseas, PlayStation 4 sales are incredibly strong and we will continue making games for the PlayStation 4 platform.

However, in Japan we can’t just ignore the move to portable gaming consoles. Our games are well suited for portable gaming, so when you think about it, it is important for PS4 and Nintendo Switch to balance each other out and do well. With that in mind, from here on multiplatform development for PS4 and Nintendo Switch is very much a possibility.”


Some companies that do RPG have supported Sony because it has a homemade video game and a portable video game. NIS (Disgaea), Atlus (Persona), Capcom (Monster Hunter) and others need to launch their games in a portable video game, as the Japanese consumer plays more time on laptops. Currently Sony does not have a laptop, only Nintendo, is a monopoly.

3DS + Wii U + Vita = Switch

Three platforms’ pipelines go to Switch now.

Hardcore Gamer: “Where are the third party games???” Switch isn’t taking the AAA or AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGHH Game Industry games from PS4 or Xbox One. But Switch is cannibalizing the 3DS output (obviously), Wii U output (obviously) and what will take Nintendo gamers by surprise, Vita output.

Many of the Switch’s game line up are Vita type games or games that would have gone on Vita. Switch’s Dragon Quest Heroes 1 and 2 is the Vita version. Disagea 5 is a series that has been on Vita.

Imagine if PSP and Vita weren’t around for Generation 7 and 8.  DS and 3DS would have gained so much more additional third party support. It’d be like the Gameboy and GBA days all over again!

You are right that Switch will be a monopoly as Microsoft and Sony will have no handheld competition. People point to smartphones and tables, but that type of competition are mobile PCs. They are to gaming handhelds what PCs are to home consoles.

Microsoft is arguably leaving the console market (though still putting out hardware for legacy purposes it seems).

As consumers stop using the TV, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sony leave the console market one day. Maybe Generation Thirteen? Ask me in 2041. Probably sooner.



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