Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 16, 2017

Email: Why Nintendo (and Sony and MS) are afraid of a real account system?

Hi Master Malstrom.

We have proper account systems in Android, iOS, even on Steam, since probably more than 10 years ago.

You get a new hardware, enter your credentials, and boom: everything you purchased is displayed in your list (you just have to download again if you want).

Why Nintendo, Sony and MS are afraid of this?

I know that Google and Apple do not make their best profit from software licensing in their online stores, but again, it’s a shrinking market (game consoles), and appears they prefer to see this market dead then proper implement a real account system.

Like you, I purchased several Virtual Console games, to later realize it was dead money. So, on WiiU, I purchased ZERO games on VC (and started to purchased real old 8 and 16bit consoles).

I’m afraid Nintendo terrible online system will affect us who never use their online system. Example: on WiiU Fit, for every person who wants to play the game, you’ll go to a long, long setup process, because every person on WiiUFit requires a Nintendo account. Most of friends/family-members tried to play, just gave up. It’s a complete non sense spend 15 minutes to setup a game that you’ll play 10 minutes.

At least, I completely ignored MiiVerse. As any former gamer, I really hate the social media usage on games. Hope Nintendo get aware of this.

And, the last-but-not-the-least comment: I really laugh from the hardware email saying that Bomberman is a crap game. While I have a WiiU, my kids and I play a LOT MORE Bomberman on SNES then any other WiiU game!

I suppose it is because of the customer service required for such accounts? That is expensive.

As far as gaming goes, please understand. This is a real game.

Related image

Pictured Above: A Real Game

This is not a real game.

Image result for super bomberman r

Pictured Above: Not a Real Game

The Hardcore Gamers tell me this all the time. “That is not a REAL game!” Oh noes. Switch has no games at launch now. What we gonna do?



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