Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 18, 2017

Email: Open world 2D Mario?

I know you mentioned about how Nintendo should make an open world 2D Mario. How would that work. Wouldn’t that just turn Mario into Metroid?

I just like to hear how an open world 2D Mario would work.


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Super Mario Brothers 3 was close on breaking into open world. Notice how in World 5 how you would climb the tower up into the clouds? It is all interconnected!

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There are scary similarities between Zelda 2 and Super Mario Brothers 3. Both have an overworld map. Both are side scrollers. Both have you gain items. Both have dungeons you need to defeat before you move on. Both have monsters that move around on the overworld map.

One way could be to make the SMB 3 overworld map free form without the lanes. I don’t think random monsters would work in 2d Mario, but it is an idea. SMB 3 did have ‘cities’ such as the toad houses as well as castles. SMB 3 is almost a 2d Mario RPG!

One interesting thing about SMB 3 is that it gives the illusion of being open world. When you go down a pipe, it switches to 2d game mode where you actually have to jump on the pipe and go in. What if the stages weren’t segmented? What if they were all streamed together? the backtracking issue would be solved by the warp pipes. Instead of warp pipes sending you FORWARD in the game, they would send you BACKWARD in case you wanted to explore somewhere.

The stages in SMB 3 aren’t huge but they are ‘wide’. They don’t feel like Metroid to me. There is much to explore!

2d Mario Open World would be 2d Mario without level breaks. It’d be a huge connected world. I don’t see why 3d Mario can be ‘sandbox’ but 2d Mario can’t.



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