Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 18, 2017

Email: Yet another ARMS email!

Of course we’ll need to see how ARMS plays in real life and how many people want to buy it, but since everyone is giving opinions before it’s out:

You touched on what I think of ARMS with your comment about it being a cool combat system that would be great if tied to an RPG. ARMS looks like a fun mini-game. It’s like a Wii boxing game with some more complexity. It would be great if a combat system like it was part of another game. However, it doesn’t look like it’s worth a full price tag of $60.

Based on the videos you’ve shown so far, I also think the travel speed of the punches are too slow. To me it’d look much better if the pace was a bit faster. Wii boxing could get very fast and intense.

Right. I want a game with more adventure, not just beating people up in an arena. We may be missing that Nintendo is angling for games that have online multiplayer so they can kick off their online service. Why else would Nintendo pay Konami to make more Bomberman? And I’m sure Capcom put out Street Fighter 2 again for this purpose as well.

As I understand it, with launch games at least, there is strong communication between the third party companies and Nintendo. Much of this is due to aligning things with the launch date, hardware updates, communication on how the hardware works, etc. But I also strongly suspect Nintendo wants the third parties to fill in holes they cannot do. I think this is true for the Japanese third parties, not the Western ones of course.

Aside from the RPGs (very welcome since Nintendo consoles became a RPG desert), every Switch game is multiplayer. Nintendo may be setting up the pins for when they bowl down their online service. They will have a library full of games to utilize it. And Nintendo wanted Bomberman badly enough to fund it and make it happen.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Mario Odyssey had some online component to utilize Nintendo’s service. You think Nintendo’s holiday flagship game WON’T use their paid online in some way? Oh reader! Do not be so silly!



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