Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 19, 2017

Redout looks interesting


This looks like a really meaty game similar to F-Zero GX. $35 on PC which means it will likely be $40 on Switch.

“This is an indie game…?”


“Then it is not a real game. Only real games are AAA games!”

Image result for hardcore gamer loser

Above: AAA gamer

I really like these indie games coming out on carts for the Switch. While I may not get something like Binding of Isaac, having it in a physical medium is very compelling.

Indie Gaming >>>>> AAA Game Industry gaming.

At least indie games do interesting things and take risks. Did you realize that FTL is now 5 years old? And it is still imminently replayable. Can any AAA game say that? No!

My game buying plans are Zelda, bomberman, then Kart and Tetris. I’ll let the dust settle before I choose what else to get next. The Switch is not cheap and buying it and a couple of games is easily putting you $500 in the hole. I need to back off for a second and not splurge.

Too bad there are all these games I want to pick up.

AAA Neckbeard: “Not a real game!”

They’re just pissed that Bomberman is now exclusive to the Nintendo platform!



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