Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 23, 2017

Email: This video got me more excited for Zelda than any other.

It’s actually all the way from July, and their concern is the technical aspects of the game, but you can hear how they gush about the game.

They describe it as a “systems-driven” open world. If the rest of the game is even half as good as what Nintendo has shown already, than this is easily Game of the Year 2017.


When Nintendo made Twilight Princess, they spent a ton of money to make that game’s engine which they planned to reuse for other games. The only other game I know they reused that engine for was Link’s Crossbow Training (haha). I imagine there is another plan in place here.

I wouldn’t mind seeing another Zelda with this engine on the Switch. Or another new IP. What if a Metroid game was made using this engine?

When you look back at Nintendo games of the past, they all had fantastic physics systems and world systems. Super Mario Brothers had such an interesting physics system that you could keep hopping on a turtle shell to get 100 lives. I loved using the downward thrust in Zelda 2 to keep bouncing off my opponents. Metroid had a great system where we were doing stuff like bomb jumping.

Zelda BoW “Wow” is also ditching the puzzle solving for problem solving. During the testing of Ultima 6, there was a ‘puzzle’ where you had to cast a spell called telekinesis to use a level on the other side of a grilled gate. Warren Spector was laughing at one tester as he tried doing something different. He took control of Sherry the mouse (one of your team mates) to crawl under the gate and active the level that way. The fact that that other solution worked floored Spector.

Puzzles don’t work in Zelda because all I do is go to gamefaqs or wherever and just get by it. It is a waste of my time. All I am doing is trying to figure out what the developer wants me to do. The game is playing me. Now it feels like I am playing a game. I should be able to try different things that may get the same result. Thankfully, the combat has been improved too.

Could all those years of bashing ‘Aonuma Zelda’ have provided feedback to contribute to these changes? Whose to know. This looks like the most interest modern Zelda yet.



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