Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 23, 2017

Email: What happened to your retirement?

Maybe the Switch is bigger than we thought?

I’m procrastinating doing other things.

The secret to Malstrom is that I figure things out through writing. Writing exacts thoughts. And in the middle of a post, new thoughts emerge that would never have if I never started writing the post in the first place. There was much to figure out about the Switch.

The viral marketers against the Switch also piss me off. “Where are the Western AAA games? OMG.” As if those are the only games. Apparently, Switch has to have the same identical games as the PS4 and Xbox One in order to succeed. It makes no sense, but that is the mindset of the Game Industry. And they get more and more absurd. There is much to be worrisome with the Switch (such as the odd online plans), but it is easy to detect a hostility coming out of nowhere for this system. It’s a good sign. They’re scared of it.

To give you an idea of what is like to be a Malstrom, when the Switch had its big show, there was a MASSIVE crowd looking at this site. It was way, way, way beyond the regular readers. They were there looking for a qualitative assessment of the Nintendo system. That crowd is made up of many in the game industry, investors, and even analysts. Even Nintendo was watching.

I have become the Nintendo groundhog. Every six years, everyone tunes in to see if Malstrom sees Nintendo’s shadow and if it will be a sales winter for them. They can’t say I am a ‘fan’ as the entire last generation I’ve been kicking Nintendo. I do not worship Miyamoto. I don’t even like the flagship Nintendo properties of modern Mario and Zelda.

It is quite something to have so many people value what you are going to say. It took a decade to build up that type of reputation, and I’m somewhat sad to let it go. I’m standing in the rubble of Generation 8, smile, and then hold up the Nintendo flag. Something I haven’t really done since 2008. Switch will be a success. Small, then bigger.

The next big moment will be when we all have Zelda and Switches in our hands. Then E3. Then the holidays.

Now it is time for me to go away for a while. Go listen to this cool music of Octopath. It sounds so much better than your typical AAA gaming!



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