Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 1, 2017

America’s political volcano has not yet erupted

What you are hearing now are the early tremors. People think this day or that day is the explosion. No.

The political pressure has been building up for over a decade from the conservatives. They had no representation in Republicans and Bush so they voted Democrat in 2006 and 2008 (the new Democrats came from conservative districts). But they got no representation from them especially after the ACA (Obamacare) despite electing a Republican in a special Massachusetts senate election to stop it. They make a Tea Party to primary Republicans which, over a few election cycles, ended up culminating into their representative and champion: Donald Trump.

I can tell you with certainty that Trump hasn’t even begun yet. He is actually lying low and will wait until his cabinet appointees are approved by the Senate. Only then will he let it rip. THAT will be the volcanic explosion. Watch.

“How do you know this?” Just do. BTW, Trump’s re-election slogan in 2020 will be: “Keep America Great.” It is already trademarked! From MAGA to KAG. You’ll see.

“What else is he going to do?”

He is going to re-write the definition of American citizenship. This is where it is all going. Trump is the Tea Party president, and these are interesting times.

Normally, midterms for the party just out of power tends to be good. But these are not normal times. In 2018, the Democrats will not win back the House. They need to flip 3 Senate seats to take back the Senate. Only one Republican senator is up for re-election in 2018 in a state Clinton won (Nevada). Meanwhile, Democrats have five senators for re-election in states Trump won.

2020 will be a referendum on Trump. I honestly don’t know who the Democrats will put up against him. Bernie Sanders? The governor of New York? They don’t exactly have a large bench. If Democrats do not get control of various states, they will be further gerrymandered. In the next few years, there is an actual possibility of the Democrats becoming a marginalized party for a generation. But then again, history has told us to expect the unexpected in these matters.

Again, I do not think Democrats/liberals understand at all this enraged electorate. These are not the Reagan cheering conservatives of the past who want to ‘reduce the size of government’. Those conservatives no longer exist. During the Obama administration, perhaps after Obamacare was passed on Christmas, that no longer would conservatives ‘reduce’ government. No. They would keep the power centralized and then use it as a weapon to absolutely destroy the existence of liberalism. The co-existence of liberals and conservatives is over. Both now seek to eradicate one another.

Looking online, I see liberals still focusing on Trump-the-person where they should be looking at the decades long movement that crested with Trump (e.g. the Perot voters of the 1990s). Take a look at this video published almost right before the election. Sure, it is another Pepe video, but note the satanic tone, the ‘we are the devil’ line, and all. While they are trolling, there is a scary intensity that can be sensed. This is an electorate that saw that election as an existential one to their nation (and future ones as well).

“What are you saying?”

I’m saying that we have never seen a phenomena like this in our lifetimes of an electorate enraged. This isn’t an explosion, it is a shifting of the tectonic plate. Obama, himself, noticed this as he remarked in 2016 that he thought this bubbling up of political pressure would stop and die down after Palin. Instead, it kept rising and found Trump. Trump was not their political candidate, Trump is their murder weapon. Some places like California and their sanctuary cities are saying they will resist. The political element behind Trump is all too willing to arrest state officials and apply force. “But Speaker Ryan says…” Congress cannot stop Trump from doing this. You only burn through political capital when you do something the public doesn’t like. From the few pollsters that weren’t invalidated during the 2016 election (PPD), Trump’s approval is rising. Courts will try, but not even they will be able to stop this eruption. (People are beginning to notice the Trump Curse.)

What we’re witnessing now with Trump’s recent immigration orders is just a trial run. The big stuff will appear once Trump’s cabinet has been voted by the Senate and is in place. Then, you will see the eruption. How much pressure there is in the mountain remains to be seen, but there will be lava everywhere. No matter how it goes, people will be talking about these events for the next hundred years.



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