Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 2, 2017

Is Kimishima insane?

In the Nikkei interview, Nintendo President Kimishima expects the Switch to sell the same amount as the Wii due to its unique hardware proposal. Is Kimishima insane?

I’m laughing at all this. No, he is not insane. I think Nintendo is sophisticated enough to not tell us the exact truth. And he keeps reiterating how 3DS will run parallel with Switch, how Switch is not successor to 3DS.

Switch is a handheld hybrid. Switch definitely has handheld properties. Just as a family of kids, there are multiple Nintendo handhelds, there will be multiple Switch systems in that household. This is the difference between the handheld and home console. And we know there will be more Switch hardware iterations like Nintendo does with their handheld line. There will be Switch Mini or Switch Big or whatever.

Wii sold 101 million. DS sold 150 million. 3DS sold 65 million.

If Switch is selling like a handheld, selling as many as the Wii would not be that difficult. Switch would have to outsell the 3DS which won’t be hard since 3DS started out in the hole. Switch is already selling out pre-orders.

Switch sales forecast is being misplaced due to not putting in context the handheld factor. Nintendo is, I believe deliberately, trying to shield this by insisting that Switch is not the heir to 3DS.

Kimishima is not dumb. No one on the Nintendo Board is dumb. I think Nintendo knows the handheld market will buy up the Switch. Hell, it is Japan after all.



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