Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 7, 2017

S Minus 25 Days

Is the Switch Half Console or Half Handheld? Or is the glass half full or half empty?

Switch as Home Console

Underpowered compared to PS4 and Xbox One.

Both PS4 and Xbox One have upgrade systems for it.

Both have established libraries that have been built up for years.

Switch has no AAA Western games.

Conclusion: Switch is a pretty shitty home console.


Switch as Handheld

Monopoly on dedicated gaming handheld market.

Successor to 3DS.

Successor to Vita.

Successor to Wii U.

The ultimate gaming handheld ever created.

Switch has all AAA Japanese games.

Conclusion: Switch is god tier handheld home console.


Switch is fascinating as a console to me because optimists tend to view the market in the handheld light while pessimists only see the home console side. We’ve never seen anything like this before.

The problem is that the home console market will no longer exist. Already, Microsoft seems to be putting in long term plans to be getting out. Sony couldn’t hack it in the handheld space so they are stuck in the home console side.

Handhelds will replace home consoles. I know it.

“How do you know it???”

Look at PCs. Go into any Best Buy and look. You just see smartphones and tablets. The PC still exists, yes, mostly for gaming, and because PC still does things that tablets can’t. But there is nothing the home console game systems can do that the Switch cannot.

I see a long term play here by Nintendo. Japan may be the future of where consumers are going. The era of the TV may be shrinking more and more.

Microsoft’s move is to consolidate PC gaming and Xbox gaming. Sony is already doing that. Eventually, PC gaming and home console gaming will have no difference between the two. Then it will just be PC gaming and console gaming. Console gaming will mean ‘handheld like Switch’ to Generation Twelve gamers as home consoles go the way of the arcades.



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