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S Minus 22 Days

E3 is opening up to the public

Look, reader!

E3 has been in decline since they tightened up after E3 2006 (Otherwise known as The Year of Wii).

Above: Wii Stampede DAY THREE

E3 has to compete with PAX to stay relevant. All the game journalists (oh, that term!) will be complaining about ‘the mouth breathers’ infecting their little party. Oh noes!

Who does this benefit? The alternative game media such as Youtubers and those who don’t normally go to E3. One of the reasons E3 did tighten up is that they didn’t like how a random Internet guy (such as myself) can go in, chat a developer, have him saying he probably shouldn’t, and then mega-phone that tidbit on the Internet.

The company that will benefit from this the most will be (some indies) mostly Nintendo. No one has passion for Sony or Microsoft as they slow non-gaming giants. But Nintendo fans are different as seen in the video above!


New Puyo Puyo Tetris trailer

Don’t let the weird anime cutscene fool you. This is a very interesting game.

For those who don’t know, Puyo Puyo is big in Japan but has never really made an impact in the West (and many of its games have never been sent over). Puyo Puyo is huge because it took a Tetris like gameplay and made it into a fighting game. Puyo Puyo Tetris is not like old school Tetris or Dr. Mario. It is more of a fighting game using Tetris like gameplay. You choose a character, and your goal is to create combos that are like ‘attacks’ to the other side.

Above: Watch 26:36

The above is how the Japanese play it. I think the 26:36 (mentioned before here) of Shindobrawl versus Greentea is a great example of how this game is played. What is funny is that Shindobrawl can’t play Tetris worth crap. I think I’ll be much better at Tetris than at Puyo puyo. I’ve started practicing my puyo puyo with Dr. Robotnick’s Mean Bean Machine (or whatever it is called) on the Sega Genesis.

Puyo puyo Tetris is much better than Western AAA shovelware. But then again, what isn’t better than Western AAA shovelware?


More Zelda footage

I’m getting uncomfortable with the anime.

Above: Zelda bending over, zoom in on Zelda’s torso… totally for herbivore Japan?

I walked into a Barnes and Noble recently and was shocked. Some sections like the Philosophy section (I have been asked to be a professor philosophy at one school so I know my around it) are filled with books like ‘Harry Potter’s interpretation of philosophy’ and other stuff that makes you weep for mankind. In the Sci-fiction area, you see tons of lesbian porn and an entire aisle dedicated to… anime. I can understand LOOKING and WATCHING anime, but books of it?

Above: Western interpretation of Zelda gave her a nice ass.


Super Bomberman R 8 Players

Let us calculate the costs of playing Super Bomberman R for 8 players.

Switch + Game + 3 Pairs of Joycons = $630.

But who wants to play with joycons? This is bomberman! It is serious business! Let us use Pro Controllers instead!

Switch + Game + 8 Pro Controllers = $920

Oh, I am silly. The best way to play Bomberman R will be everyone using their own Switch inside the same room. And everyone using a Pro controller. How much would THAT cost?

8 Switch + 8 Games + 8 Pro Controllers = $3440

Switch hater seizes the moment. “It takes almost $3500 to properly play Super Bomberman R! OMG.” Throws up this pic:

How Could They Do Such A Thing

Bomberman is always worth those costs though.


How the Classics Became Classic

I’ve been wondering how some games become classics. Nintendo says, “It’s just nostalgia! LOL!” But they are stunned the NES Classic Mini is STILL sold out nation-wide.

Why do we love games? And why are we discarding many modern games?

I’ve realized the answer is actually very, very simple. We replay games we like over and over and over again. Hence, they become ‘classics’. The ‘better’ modern games we play once, sell back, or hardly ever touch it again.

NES classics we constantly replay. 8-bit and 16-bit classics we replay. It is a data point that cannot be measured by any sales data (except re-issues like VC maybe).

I guess there are people who replay Super Mario 64 or Ocarina of Time. Good for them.

I also love this Zelda 2 cartoon. And why do people call Zelda 2 hard? They must suck at life. It makes me scared that Zelda BoW is going to be a baby game. Zelda 2’s difficulty was ‘perfect’. Zelda 1 was good too (it gets so hard around dungeon 6!) and Zelda 1 had Second Quest. Link to the Past was WAY too easy.

I’m currently replaying Rogue Legacy. Still more fun than Western AAA shovelware.

Above: Full anime-ish BoW treatment of a Zelda 2 remake would work very well in Herbivore-Japan


Castlevania TV Show coming to Netflix

Looks interesting. No matter how it ends up, it will be more entertaining than Western AAA shovelware. Even Tic Tac Toe has more replayability than your typical Western AAA game.



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