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S Minus 19 Days

LAN is back! At least for Splatoon 2.


Email: Why are you excited about cartridges?

Half the game will be DLC anyway. During the Wii era I thought Nintendo was the only company that still had respect for the customer; when the AAA companies would nickel and dime their customers with map-packs, skins, project 10$ (a one-time 10$ worth DLC code was included with every game, devaluing every used copy) or season passes, Nintendo would release games that were bursting with content.

However, the Wii U era has shown that the only reason Nintendo had not hopped onto the DLC train was because they didn’t have the technology back then. The worst offender are amiibos, not only do you have to buy game content that had been cut out, you have to buy it in the form of an overpriced toy. Who even wants these figurines anyway? They are not action figures, so children can’t play with them, and as an adult I would never put them on up as decoration.

DLC and DRM is what has completely killed my interest in any modern games. I don’t mind an expansion like we used to have them on the PC, but this milking is just insulting to the customer. It’s not even just the large companies, even indie developers engage in it. At this point it doesn’t matter whether the game is on cartridge or DVD, half of it will be on a company’s server either way.

How ye of little faith!

I don’t expect online multiplayer to infinitely be there, but if I can have local multiplayer or LAN or single player without connecting to the internet, then I OWN THE GAME.

These aren’t cartridges. These are cards. But they are still awesome. Way better than discs.

It seems like all the complaints we have been giving out are being heard.


Email: Why people read your blog

I believe that articles such as this one, by one of the largest gaming sites, are why people read your blog– gaming “journalism” is a joke. nintendo-thinks-it-can-win- over-third-party-develop- 1792077806

80% of this are just quotes from the Q/A. It doesn’t explain anything about the new vs. old development tools, the few original lines are either summaries or unsupported opinions, and throughout the piece, the author inserts: “I feel” or “always seems”, or my favorite– “should hopefully.” There is no supporting info and no thoughtful (or thought provoking) analysis or insight. Is this piece news, opinion or analysis? It doesn’t do a good job at any of the three.


I think they get stuck in a tunnel mentality. “This thing called the Wii, who is going to buy that darn thing?”

You know, I heard someone say something (on a completely unrelated matter) that really struck a cord with me. The reason why there is so much failure of analysis is because you have people sit in rooms ‘full of data’. They only see the data, and not the actual people. They don’t interact with people.

Did you know that Nintendo of America did market research about whether or not the American market would be receptive to the console called NES? The market research was very negative. Focus groups of NES classic games such as Super Mario Brothers had kids yelling, “This game is crap!” “It sucks!” But NOA president went ahead and released the NES anyway, a HUGE gamble at the time. He saw the arcades were still busy. People were still playing games.

Forcing Nintendo to have events where people can play with the new console is not just good marketing, it is allowing Nintendo to see the gamers as actual people and not as data points.


Email: Miyamoto just owned Aonuma

Go to the 1:45 mark in this video. It is hilarious!

Although this was meant to be a goofy interview, they actually asked some decent questions.


haha, that is awesome. The entire interview is worth seeing. Also, Aonuma still can’t play Zelda 1!

Aonuma style! Great video.

I am completely neutral over Breath of the Wild. It can go either way. To me, Switch launch is all about that Bomberman. Bomberman is way more fun than Western AAA gaming (but then again, what isn’t? Well, Aonuma Style Zelda isn’t).


Which Games Will Surprise?

With console launches, it is fun to go back in time to see what our expectations were and how the games held up. Games are expensive, and you want to buy games that you are still playing for a long time.

The year is 2037. You look back at the Switch launch. A game is either…

Dud– No one cares about this game in twenty years.

Neutral– Came in line with expectations. Nothing spectacular, nothing bad. So so to play today.

Classic– People still play this game twenty years from now as it never gets old!


Dud 1-2 Switch

No one gives a shit about this game today. No one will play it twenty years from now.

Classic Super Bomberman R

Bomberman games age very well. With how ageless the multiplayer is, I expect people to be playing Bomberman in 2037 just as we play Super Bomberman on the SNES today.

Neutral The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

There has never been a classic Zelda game made with Aonuma heavily involved. The great Zelda games such as the first four are due to lack of Aonuma’s control, not because of it. Twilight Princess, extremely hyped, was in the end to be a ‘it was fun’ and that was it. The game couldn’t live up to the hype and neither can BOTW. Once you learn the systems, is BOTW going to be any fun to play? The earlier zelda games are fun to replay because of the arcade gameplay. BOTW doesn’t have that.

Dud Skylanders Imaginators

I love Toys for Bob, but they are going against Bomberman and Zelda (they love their bomberman). I can’t see anyone playing Skylanders next year let alone next 20 years.

Classic The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth +

I expect Binding of Isaac to still be played twenty years from now.

Dud I am Setsuna

In 2037, people would rather play SNES Chrono Trigger than whatever this is.

Dud Disagea 5

Anime silliness will make it age poorly.

Neutral Has Been Heroes

This game will be greeted with curiosity in 2037 due to how different it is.

Classic Puyo Puyo Tetris

Tetris never gets old. This game is also licensed so this type of combination will not be seen again. Out of all the games here, Puyo Puyo Tetris will be played the longest.

Dud Just Dance 2017

No one cares about this game today.

Neutral Snipperclips

Snipperclips will also be seen as an interesting curiosity.

Classic Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart games always become classics and this is the definitive version of MK 8.

Dud Lego City Undercover

It will be surpassed by sequels and forgotten.

Dud Sonic Mania

There is no market desire for more Sonic.

Neutral Arms

Cool game, solid, but it will be surpassed and made obsolete by Arms 2.

Neutral Splatoon 2

Solid game, but surpassed by its sequels. Think of Splatoon 1. Will people still play it? Maybe. But Splatoon 2 took away any uniqueness the first one would have to classic status. Splatoon 3 and 4 will do the same to 2.

Classic Skyrim

Already half a decade old and people keep playing it. I expect this trend to continue.

Classic Ultra Street Fighter 2

It will sell terrible, but Street Fighter 2 never gets old.


19 More Days!

Wake up reader! The time is almost here! I expect the readers to be well rested and prepared for what is to come.

Above: Neat little internet video



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