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Email: Don’t quite agree on your predictions with regards to the games…

Breath of the Wild

You seem pretty pessimistic compared to others. I understand the distrust of Aunoma but I think this game will be much better than previous affairs. The fact that the game is basically a 180 from Skyward Sword in many ways gives me confidence. I also think you’re underselling the replay value of this game. It might not have the same arcade like qualities of the first few Zeldas, but I do think it has many of the qualities that give Elder Scrolls and Witcher games a lot of value. According to the GameInformer preview, the map is big (estimated to be 20 square kilometers bigger than Skyrim) and yet still pretty densely packed with content. A game guide suggested that there are like 120 shrines and 76 sidequests. There will be a lot of fun just exploring the world. Add to that the fact that there are multiple endings and the sandboxy systems driven gameplay, and I think we’re looking at a potential classic here. There will be many self-imposed challenges players will take on in BOTW. Some people have already exclaimed they want to take on Ganon while naked using only a mop!

I mean, it could suck given despite everything I’ve seen, but I am very optimistic for this game.

Bomberman R

I do not share your optimism for this game. The game only runs at 30FPS. Why is that a problem? One is that action games are always better at 60FPS. But to me it’s indicative that not a lot of effort is being put behind this game. This game is not optimized properly, and usually poor optimization is indicative of other issues in the game, like bugs and lack of polish. Zelda also runs at 30FPS, and there is no way that Bomberman is taxing the system the way Zelda is. I smell a rush job.

I could be wrong, I hope I’m wrong, but I’m in wait-and-see mode with this game for now.

Every Zelda game it is the same story: Aonuma has enlightenment and is giving us the Zelda game we have always wanted. Why, this Zelda will be incredible! It will be revolutionary! It will be like THE GOOD OLD DAYS ALL OVER AGAIN. People shake with their hype, play the game eagerly, and a week or two later, they merely say… “Zelda was fun,” and focus on other games.

With BOTW, once you learn the systems they have operating the world, I expect the game to become much less interesting. Minecraft was amazing to me until I eventually learned it systems. The real question is why are the classic games so interesting still despite them having such a less complicated system? I’d say it is due to arcade gameplay skills. You need arcade gameplay skills to finish Zelda 1 and 2.

Everything I loved about Zelda revolved around intensity. Zelda 1 in the later dungeons with the appearing and disappearing wizards who are firing shit at you… that is intense. Zelda 2 in just GETTING TO the final palace is extremely intense. Holy cow at those blue bird warriors inside the Final Palace. I still shiver when I get to them. Link to the Past has its moments.

Aonuma hates intensity. Aonuma style is blobby, edge-less. Think of a game like a car. People focus on the motor, the shape of the car, etc, but I want to know about the tires. I want to know about how the tires connect to the road. Where is the intensity? What is driving me to play this game? For Aonuma, it is two things: story and puzzles.

I think Aonuma is full of shit and a third rate game developer. BOTW having breakable weapons everywhere is nothing more than ‘puzzle combat’. Note that what is  upgraded is ‘stamina’, not actual firepower from Link. Stamina for what? For more puzzles. And what is the ‘story’? Shitty NPCs and worthless cutscenes. In the story trailer, we saw Link’s Shitty Friends and parts of Worthless Cutscenes.

Zelda’s gameplay is so bad that if it were not for Nintendo’s high production values, I can’t imagine anyone playing it. Zelda is AAA Puzzle Game. You want a real puzzle game? Try The Incredible Machine.

BOTW is supposed to be inspired from Zelda 1, yet Aonuma still can’t play Zelda 1. Stop believing Nintendo’s marketing bullshit. Aonuma despises The Legend of Zelda. He wants Zelda to be Puzzle Adventures with Anime Storylines.

We’ll see how the game is, of course, but why should I have any expectations after Aonuma does nothing but fail again and again and again.

As for Bomberman”s FPS issue, it was an earlier build (it had loading time and all). BOTW also ran like dogshit because it was earlier build.

I never, ever trust hype. Tell me a game that was heavily hyped that actually delivered. I can think of only one in my lifetime: Super Mario Brothers 3. No one had hype for the true movers and shakers. There was no hype for Minecraft. There was no hype for Metroid Prime. There was no hype for Grand Theft Auto 3. There was no hype for World of Warcraft. There was no hype for Wii Sports. These games come out and change everything. Yet, no one sees them coming. Instead, we get hyped about games that end up being completely forgotten. We try not to admit how worthless the hype is because that would prove how big of manipulated idiots we all are.

I’m shorting BOTW longterm because there is no way the game can live up to such hype. People will be bored of it within a week if not a few days.

I am more curious about the games that are getting no hype. Puyo Puyo Tetris isn’t getting hyped, but it should as you will be playing Tetris in a very different way than you had before.

There is no hype for Super Bomberman R which makes the game very, very interesting to me.  First, Super Bomberman R already has time tested gameplay and will be a multiplayer game of awesomeness. Second, Bomberman is now exclusive to Nintendo (not counting the absurd arcade game Bombergirl).

The single player for Super Bomberman R sounds cool and is co-op. It will be fun to unlock stuff. With Zelda, it will be dumb ass recipes and finding kokiri under rocks. I am a fan of Bomberman on the Turbografx 16 and SNES. I love my DS version of Bomberman to death. I will definitely be playing the game twenty years from now.


Super Bomberman R looks like a ton of fun. I think what is putting people off is the real time lighting, but I think it is there for the 3d terrain.

Out of all the Switch titles, Super Bomberman R is the only third party exclusive. If Super Bomberman R was also coming to the other consoles, it be praised like Puyo Puyo Tetris or Disagea 5.



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