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S Minus Eleven Days

Email: About Florent Gorges

Hi Malstrom,

Two fun facts about Florent Gorges:

1) I recommended you read his book years ago, back when his book The History of Nintendo first came out. Told’ja he was good.

2) I had the opportunity of meeting him once shortly after he published his book. He was giving a talk and interpreting for a Nintendo artist – the guy who made all the artwork for the Wario Ware games. I told him about you and your Wii articles. I think I even sent him a link to your site by e-mail! So he’s technically heard about you from this reader at least. Whether he’s ever read your stuff, I couldn’t tell you, since he never actually replied to my e-mail. I probably came off too fanboy-ish at the time, ha. Oh well.

You can buy the book used on Amazon for nearly half a grand. Talk about value and demand!

I’m rather embarrassed about those early articles. I show up, excited what the DS is doing and looking forward to the Revolution, and I see all this crap going on about gaming. “That doesn’t match my memory!” The more I look into it, the more fascinating it is learning about Sega’s rise and fall, about Nintendo’s rises, why Microsoft joined the console industry, and so on. What Nintendo execs were saying at the time were a goldmine.

What is puzzling to me is comparing the game console sector with the tech industry when it comes to analysis. In the tech industry, you have many, many analysis of Apple, Microsoft, Google, and all the rest. Look at all the Steve Jobs movies that have been made recently. But when you go to the game industry, you find hardly any analysis whatsoever. Yet, game industry has tons of discussion. Message forums are always furiously discussing… something.

The fourth, fifth, and sixth generations where all the consoles were red ocean and going for similar consumers has more analysis because the gamers online are those consumers. But the first three generations I hear little about except for Nintendo ‘reviving’ console gaming with R.O.B. There is talk about the Atari crash, but not about why and how it came about and what legal innovations Nintendo made to prevent it from happening again (lockout chip). Generation one is still largely a mystery because in order to understand that one, one will have to understand Generation Zero which would be board games, toys, and such. Why did people buy a game console in the first place? Why buy it over a board game or toy? These are questions that have no real answers yet.

I figured everyone would come to their senses about what happened in Generation Seven. Instead, they came up with a MacGuffin called ‘casual gamers’ which saves them any thought process about why Wii and DS sold so well. Generation Eight with 3DS and Wii U failures are not truly examined well. All I hear is “Nintendo needs to stop being Nintendo and get in line with the rest of the Game Industry”. Why did Nintendo throw in 3d output on their handheld? Why is the Wii U connecting with a handheld type controller?

There is much analysis over movies. There is much analysis even over Disney. But why does there seem to be no analysis over gaming especially with Nintendo? It is baffling to me. I expected there to be a huge wave of people doing this and doing it professionally with cute charts. It is like Nintendo is a mystery to everyone in the game industry!


MMOs on Switch?

When games move to portable, sometimes they open up a new market or way of playing. Animal Crossing performs best on the handheld. Some games like Advance Wars works well on the handheld. Switch would be very interesting as a RPG powerhouse.

But what about MMOs?

MMOs on a handheld blows my mind. It could very well destroy all productivity in the world.

Final Fantasy 14 is being considered for Switch. Look!

This may actually be the surprising future for the Switch: the perfect console for MMOs. You can play that MMO at home on big TV or take it with you (which you do with a MMO because you are addicted as hell).

I am trying to think of some sort of killer app that would skyrocket the Switch. Every console tends to get something that comes out of nowhere. Nintendo never imagined 2d Mario would skyrocket the DS and Wii, for example. Who knew that GTA 3 would skyrocket the PS2?

The more I think about it, the more it seems that MMOs may take off on the Switch and cause the Switch to take off too. I have been addicted to MMOs in the past (such as WoW). MMOs are great fun. But they make you stay inside all the time. What if you could have a portable MMO but be able to play it on big screen when you are home? Switch seems tailor made to blow up the MMO scene.

The Switch is not going to be a SNES. The Switch is not going to be a DS. The Switch is going to be a Switch. It will be different. Retro style games and sequels are not going to make the system. But MMOs on the Switch, combined with Nintendo’s online service which I hope is decent, could rock our worlds.


Switch has been taken apart

No! The humanity!


Switch Packaging

I’m loving it.


I do not trust Nintendo with digital purchases

I was burned with the Wii and Virtual Console games. I will not buy digital on Nintendo. It will take a generation or two for me to regain trust.

Any game company that only has digital available for Switch means I will not buy it. I know many more will also not buy it.

Nicalis is being smart by putting Isaac and Reddout on physical carts. I might buy both.

I can’t even recommend buying any VC games on the Switch. You’re best to get the physical copy. The only exception I can think of would be Turbografx 16 games.

The Turbografx 16 CD games are rare as hell, and it is a bitch to get all the pieces together to work. So it would be better to just buy Castlevania: Rondo of Blood or Y’s I and II or Gate of Thunder on VC.

Alien Crush and Devil’s Crush would be excellent games for VC on the Switch. Pinball works really well on the portable. Also, physical copies of Alien Crush and Devil’s Crush do not allow you to save your score (unless you have additional TG16 parts which are now extremely rare).

Above: Much better than Western AAA gaming!


Even the TG 16 shmups would work very well on the system. With Nintendo’s partnership with Konami, maybe they can get the Hudson IPs out again.

I hope to see Ikaruga and Radiant Silvergun on Switch too.



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