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S Minus 10 Days

Everyone is all excited over the Joycons click.

Is it my imagination or are people now beginning to see some of these third party games like Disagrea 5? With all the DLC, the game could be a very good value if you can get over the over-the-top anime-ness.

Above: high production values here… though a little over the top?

It is so much better than Western AAA gaming! So much more interesting! More surprises! More replayability!


New Parental Controls for Nintendo Account

Bah. Such a slow news day for Switch.


E3 Switch Games

Contrary to the nonsense out there, Nintendo is not doing a ‘super secret strategy’ of a soft launch in March for super strategery reasons. The real reason is that Switch was supposed to launch in 2016 holiday but was delayed due to lack of software. This gave Zelda some more time and some of the other games. I don’t think Bomberman would be out at launch if Switch launched in 2016. It might also explain why the hardware is so polished from what they showed early on.

You can tell something was awry because Nintendo had nothing in holiday of 2016 except some 3DS left over games and NES Classic Mini (still sold out because Nintendo didn’t think people wanted those ‘old games that only nostalgia likes’).

What is Nintendo going to show for E3? They can’t show Zelda because it will have launched. In fact, most of the Switch software will have launched or be close to launching. I doubt they would devote the entire E3 to Mario Odyssey.

I expect E3 to be Nintendo showcasing their online plans. With this, they will be making announcements of Super Smash Brothers 4 being ported over to the Switch with all DLC. Mario Maker might appear too.

I expect Capcom to announce Monster Hunter for Switch. No one will be surprised by this. Capcom, clearly the most influential third party company to Nintendo, has been pushing Nintendo for better online system. Monster Hunter and Smash Brothers would clearly be two games to showcase the new Nintendo online system.

I expect a Metroid announcement of some kind. Will it be a new 2d Metroid or a return to a Prime type Metroid? Silly reader! Reader is soooo silly. This is Nintendo we are talking about. After Other M, which was Sakamoto’s director debut disaster of exploring Samus’s maternal instincts, and after Federation Force, which no one knows why this game was made not even Nintendo, we can accurately predict with very high probability that the next Metroid game will be…. (drum roll please)….

Ta da! Metroid Prime Hunters 2!

Yes! You get to play FPS with the hunters over Switch. Reggie will come out and explain, “We needed a game to utilize our new online network. Traditional Metroid won’t cut it. 2d or 3d. So we are going with Death Match Metroid.”

It is so terrible and disappointing to Metroid fans that you KNOW this will be the Metroid announcement.

Pikmin 4 will  be announced because Nintendo loves making Pikmin games that no one buys. Miyamoto’s baby eats all the company’s resources.

Animal Crossing on Switch may be announced. Nintendo may be quick to put Animal Crossing out there.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Holiday 2017 is Mario and Pikmin 4 from Nintendo with Metroid pushed to February because… it is Metroid… and Nintendo doesn’t care if it dies. All that matters is if Nintendo makes more Pikmin games. Clearly, Pikmin 5, 6, 7 and 8 are all planned and will be ready to go into development.

Skyrim Switch will be showed off of course.

A Call of Duty port may be announced for Switch (Infinite Warfare?). Remember, Call of Duty was on the Wii, and it did sell well.

A Doom or Fallout 4 port to Switch is not implausible. Unlikely. I think they will wait to see how Skyrim sells.

A Dark Souls port for Switch is possible.

Some of Platinum’s games could get a Switch port like TMNT or Transformers.

Dragon Quest Builder seems like a smart port for Switch (hell I’d buy it). I wouldn’t even be surprised if Square-Enix does a later port of Final Fantasy 7 Remake complete with Cloud Amiibo.

Warner Brothers may announce Injustice 2 for the Switch.

What interests me more are the AAA Indie games. AAA Indie games are by experienced developers. I consider Shantae a AAA Indie game even though I think it is fairly flawed.

I think Bloodstained will be EXTREMELY well received on the Switch.

Bloodstained is made by the one who made the Castlevania DS games. Nintendo and 2d Castlevania go together like peanut butter and jelly. It is way more fun than Western AAA gaming (but what isn’t these days?).

Image result for nintendo switch third party

From the above, INTI CREATES is the company working with Iga’s development company. 505 games is the publisher for Iga’s development company (as well as some other games).

I was there for the DS. Iga’s three Castlevania games were a huge part of that DS experience. Also, Bloodstained was set to appear on Wii U. Why in the world would it not be on the Switch?


Is Nintendo directing their closer third party partners?

Nintendo is doing something unusual. Before with console releases, Nintendo had third parties make whatever the wanted. Of course, the third parties tended to make ‘experimental’ titles for the LOL and we all watched them crash and burn on the Nintendo console.

For example, there was no Street Fighter game for the Wii which badly needed one. Capcom put out another 2d fighter which wasn’t exactly what the Wii audience wanted. I highly suspect that Nintendo had a role in pointing Capcom to make Ultra Street Fighter 2.

We know that Nintendo was the reason why Konami suddenly got Hudson developers together to make another Bomberman. Nintendo WANTED that Bomberman. And why wouldn’t Nintendo not want Ultra Street Fighter 2?

The turn based RPG games… that Octo game… I don’t think Square Enix decided they wanted go all 16-bit style. Nintendo may be encouraging it.

And as for Bloodstained, why wouldn’t Nintendo want a Castlevania type game on their system?

Hopefully Nintendo can get a shmup. Nintendo could very well swoop in and save Treasure. Why not have Treasure port Ikaruga, Radiant Silvergun, and Guardian Heroes to the Switch? This would be a much better home with the Nintendo audience than the Microsoft audience (Nintendo absorbed the Sega gamers). Nintendo also worked with Treasure for that 3d shooter for Wii (whatever it is called, terrible business decision for that game. Should have stuck oldschool and not idiotic N64 sequels). I wouldn’t be surprised if Treasure announced a new game at E3 in partnership with Nintendo. Ikaruga would likely be one of the first VC Gamecube games put out for Switch due to how easy it is to emulate, its small size, and its co-op multiplayer. Or maybe Ikaruga HD or such will be used instead.

If Nintendo is hitting all the right games from the 16-bit era, there needs to be some sort of shmup. A Radiant Silvergun on a physical cart would be… most divine.



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