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Zelda 2 was a hot ‘must have’ game of 1988… according to Washington Post of 1988

The entire ‘no one liked Zelda 2 because its a black sheep’ needs to die. Take a look at this article from 1988:

Expecting system sales to stay constant (particularly with the introduction of the Power Set, which includes a Power Pad where the player’s body movements control the action), Nintendo is looking to rake it in with three hot new “must-have” games — Super Mario Bros. 2 (its predecessor has sold 4 million units and my son has pronounced it “bumpin’,” than which there is no higher compliment), Zelda II: Adventures of Link, and Double Dragon — though an electronic chip shortage may make them hard to find until after the first of the year. Still, with more than 100 games available for the Nintendo system, no one’s anticipating the kind of consumer hysteria sparked a few years back by Coleco’s Cabbage Patch Kids (as a point of comparison, Coleco did $600 million in 1985, its peak year).

I remember the Double Dragon craze too. Such a great game as well.

Above: Still better than Western AAA gaming

The NES had phenomenon after phenomenon. I’ve never seen any other console quite like it. Wii comes a distant second with some of the runs on Wii Fit, NSMB DS, and Mario Kart DS.

NES had runs on Mario 1, 2, 3, Zelda 1, 2, Punch-out, Double Dragon, Double Dragon 2, TMNT 2, Tetris, Dr. Mario, Mega Man 2, Metroid, Ducktales…

PCs were not integrated in society. Games were very special. You had to be there, reader, to understand the magic.



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