Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 24, 2017

Japanese Switch launch list

Packaged/Download versions
I Am Setsuna
Super Bomberman R
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Dragon Quest Heroes I-II
Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence with Power-Up Kit
Puyo-Puyo Tetris
Disgaea 5

The King of Fighters ’98
Waku-Waku 7
Shock Troopers
World Heroes Perfect
Metal Slug 3
New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers
Flying Vroom-Vroom Bang
Soldam: Word of Bloom
Blaster Master Zero

First off, who the hell plays Nobunga’s Ambition? This is a franchise that has been around since the NES. I have never met anyone in real life or online who buys this game. So who the hell is buying it? Someone must be buying it as they keep making it for the past 3o years!

Second, there is fucking Othello. It is Reversi. Why the hell is it there? Who wants to play Othello on the Switch? Is this some Japanese thing? Did you know that in the Wii U reveal trailer, Othello is shown being played on the Gamepad. Nintendo thought this would excite gamers. Before Switch trailer was shown, I declared on twitter that if Othello was shown in the twitter, Switch would be dead on arrival. No one cares about Othello. No one!

Third, there is the Virtual Console. Those are Neo Geo games. But they exist only as E-shop games. This means the Virtual Console is over. It means Nintendo plans to resell you all the Virtual Console games again with additional ‘value’ like online multiplayer or remakes or shit you never ever wanted.

Last, there is Blaster Master Zero. Blaster Master is a great game. But why was the original remade? Why is there so much dialogue and an anime portrait? It is so poorly done. No one asked for this. Instead of selling us VC games, old games like Blaster Master will be remade by mediocre development studios to sell to you at a premium. I say, stick with the classics. Go make a NEW game with Blaster Master gameplay instead of the exact original.

Above: I hate this



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