Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 24, 2017

S Minus 6 Days

It is six days plus a dozen hours or so. Take a look. We are LESS than 7 days.


Aonuma opens up Collector’s Box and names his favorite Zelda games

Nintendo is undergoing extreme IP control that is laughably ridiculous. Why is Nintendo employees doing unboxing videos? Why is Nintendo SO paranoid? Is it because someone else is making revenue? Or is it that someone else is defining the consumer reaction?

Aonuma is so worthless that Nintendo thinks his time is more productive opening up a Zelda box than doing anything else. This is very telling.

About Aonuma ‘favorite Zeldas’? It doesn’t matter. Let me place this in huge bold letters so everyone can read:


The only important people in the room are the customer and non-customer. Why does the customer like it? And why does the non-customer NOT like it?

What the developer thinks is completely irrelevant. The developer’s opinion on games is at the same importance as the cleaning lady at the company.

I actually have a longing for the Atari Era when games came out and we didn’t even know who the developers were. Back then, it was about crediting the developers. OK. Fair enough. But today, it is developers trying to become ‘famous’. Everyone wants to be ‘famous’ today. Too bad they all suck shit.

They really do. Miyamoto’s preferences on video games is completely and utterly irrelevant. Kimishima’s preferences on video games doesn’t matter. Do you know whose preferences on video games DO count? MINE of course! Silly reader. You knew that answer already. And not just mine, but YOUR VIEWS TOO.

In fact, my opinion and the readers’ opinion are the only opinions that truly matter. We are the paying customers. Miyamoto is not the customer. Aonuma is not the customer. Who gives a shit what their tastes are? Restaurants revolve around diners’ tastes, not the tastes of the chefs.



Binding of Isaac has an instruction booklet


I think I will buy BoI because of that. Fuck these non-instruction booklet games, and fuck the companies that did them.


Shmup for Switch

Hello Sean!

One title that I really think can work well on the Switch is Enter the Gungeon. Its an excieting indie that imo plays like a shmup. But it has a twist, its a rouge like game.

I’ve only played it on the PC but I can see it working well on Switch with multiplayer.

The controlls are SMS tight.


I think Gungeon is more of a rogue-like? Shmups are Japanese space-ship shooters.



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