Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 26, 2017

Email: Kotaku opinion on NES classic in the release week and a question

Our friends (you call them “hardcore”, I prefer “giant boobs nerds”) from Kotaku said in the week NES classic was released:

“Most NES games have not aged very well. The Nintendo Entertainment System relied too much on antiquated principles from coin-operated arcades—timers, limited lives, inflated difficulty—that just don’t make for good video games in 2016.”

And then, boom, 3rd console most sold in Jan in USA (and consider it’s out of stock).

Of course, they prefer a “more adult videogame” like Sony, while they play with action figures instead of a real life.


But Master, my question to you: Wii was an unparalleled success. I like to read a bit from several different areas, and I remember (aside videogame people) not only TV programs talking about the Wii, but even physicians, people mentioning the benefits for old people, how it moved people from the sofa, to make exercises, etc. It was not only a videogame phenomenon!

As we know, Nintendo was not happy creating his own world and being rich, they were sad to not be Sony and sell 3D games. So, they preferred to see their world ruining and try again more one time to be Sony.

From a pure business view, I think this never happened with any other successful product and company.

Anyway, I started to realize: why no other company tried to mimic them? I mean, when videogame business started to get big, Sony grown their eyes to this market. Same as Microsoft in the following generation.

With Wii, we didn’t see that. It was a fucking crazy revolution. Why not Samsung and other big tech companies tried to build a better Wii? (Yes, I know Sony and MS made Move and Kinect, but they were a half assed attempt only to answer stockholders pointing to Wii success, and died in current generation).

There were stories of game programmers who would threaten to quit the company if they were assigned to program a Wii game. It was really that ridiculous. Third party game companies want to make the games they want to make. While the Wii install base was large, the third party companies would point out that was due to games like Wii Sports and Wii Fit. They were not interested in making games like Wii Sports or Wii Fit. The audience on the Wii was not the audience for those third party games.

I think so much in game industry is defined not by business or profit but by desire. No one entered the Game Industry in order to make games for grandmothers and non-gamers.

“So why did Iwata argue that game developers should make games for non-gamers?”

It is because Iwata was a Generation Zero developer. Once upon a time, there were no gamers. Only non-gamers. Generation Zero developers no longer exist anymore. They are a lost art.

I love finding Generation Zero developers because they make some wicked cool stuff. Did you know that the developers for Skylanders were the creators of Star Control? One of them even helped make Archon. Archon was THE FIRST GAME published by Electronic Arts in 1983. That’s how far back it goes.

Not even Nintendo wanted to make expanded market games. The Wii was actually just a Gamecube Missionary Program. Gamecube had too complicated of a controller. Gamecube’s games were too much! But the Wii was a Gamecube with an easy controller and with many simpler games. The idea was for these new gamers to graduate to 3d Mario, Aonuma Zelda, and other games Nintendo wants to make. Instead, they drifted to NES/SNES style games like NSMB Wii or Mario Kart Wii.

Why doesn’t the Game Industry make cheaper games? They do not want to.



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