Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 26, 2017

Email: Snipperclips

I feel I should say this now, as a man with a wife and three kids – Snipperclips replayability may be up for question, but there is no question to me about purchasing it. I buy Lego games to co-op with my wife. Snipperclips looks like a better co-op game.

The job the software does is allow me and my wife to solve problems together while playing games in a lighthearted way.

I don’t know if you’re still dating, but this is a job for software that becomes apparent at some stage in the relationship.


In the ‘History of Nintendo’ book where ‘Nintendo destroyed an American industry and brainwashed your children’, there is a line where a Nintendo Counselor receives a call from a man seeking dating advice. He was addicted to playing the Legend of Zelda. “My fiance told me to either choose her or Zelda. What should I do?” The Nintendo Counselor told him to “Turn off the game.” I had the same exact problem that man did. And do you know what I did, dear reader?

I chose Zelda.

Best decision I ever did. My copy of the Legend of Zelda appreciates in value, looks just as good as it did in 1986, is still entertaining, and is always fun to play. Does your girlfriend appreciate in value, looks just as good as she did in 1986, is still entertaining, and is always fun to play? hahahaha

Seriously, if a girl cannot compete with a video game, she is a crappy girl. I can understand an ultimatum about World of Warcraft or console gaming in general, but not about one single game such as Zelda which has a definite end. Legend of Zelda wasn’t even that long either. You can beat Zelda 1 in a day.

I hope Snipperclips makes you and your wife happy. But I think you should try to get her into Bomberman. Girls love Bomberman and think Bomberman is super sexy.

Image result for bomberman nes

Pictured above: Super sexy Bomberman porn for the ladies! “Oh what great bombs you have!”



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