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How do you determine the value of games?

The greatest challenge the gamer faces is choosing which games to buy. No one wants to buy a turd. There are some games we look back on and go, “Man, am I so glad I bought that game!” and other ones where you go, “What was I thinking?”

The way to get around all this is ask, “Will you still be playing this game in twenty years?” If the answer is yes, then buy it. If the answer is no, then get rid of it. If you won’t be playing it in 20 years, no else will either so it will have no value.

First off, the games that will have no value decades from now will be the digital copies. I do not care what Nintendo says, a digital copy, even if transferrable, will still not be DRM free. The only digital I buy is from GOG (which currently has Civilization 3 and 4, Railroad Tycoon 2 and 3, and X-Com games on sale). There is no point in buying digital if you cannot control it.

Then we have to wonder if the game will still have value twenty years from now. The gameplay that does last twenty years or more is arcade and RPGs. Sports games age poorly. Launch games age poorly too!

Zelda games maintain a value. It is safe to buy Zelda BoW. However, I would not buy 1,2 Switch as its value will collapse very fast.

The highest value game at launch, I see, is Super Bomberman R.

Out of all my DS games, out of all my SNES games, the only game I cannot stop playing is Bomberman. Whenever people come over, we play Bomberman. It is the perfect party game, perfect co-op game, and perfect single player game too. The game doesn’t take too much time. RPGs are good too, but they cannot be played often. Super Bomberman is divine.

I remember buying Super Bomberman for SNES and Bomberman DS for DS and grumbling. Why am I paying so much for this game? Grrrr. But on launch day, I will happily pay $50 for Bomberman. I think it should be $60 since Bomberman will be the only game out of the launch library or entire Switch library still played twenty years from now.

Above: Forget Zelda. THIS is Game of the Year

Above: More battle mode coverage. If this was all the game was, it is much more fun than AAA gaming and will still be more fun than AAA gaming twenty years into the future.


Above: Single player campaign is CO-OP meaning it is perfect GF game. At 2:35, the map goes nuts and it is only 2-2! There are multiple difficulty settings, plus there is some sort of coin unlock system. I expect the single player campaign to be highly replayable due to the difficulty settings and can play it in co-op or single player.

When I get my Switch, I would just play Super Bomberman R (what does R stand for? R rated? Is this spicy Bomberman? Some sort of ‘super’ Bomberman porn for the ladies?) if it were not for Zelda spoilers flooding the Internet. So I have to finish Zelda first at least.

But I will tell the readers about Super Bomberman R, and they can decide about the game on their own.




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Hardcore Gamer: But that is not a REAL game. Where is Call of Duty, Malstrom? Huh?

It’s a real game, bitch.



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