Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 27, 2017

Email: Just a quick word on Fast RMX

It’s basically a slightly upgraded version of Neo Fast Racing from the Wii U. People like to say that it’s like F-Zero, they’re liars. It’s Wipeout with F-Zero aesthetics and a color changing mechanic that rewards memorization over reflexes.

The controls are not as tight as F-Zero, the sound doesn’t adjust based upon the players view and it forces you to win cup before experiencing content. That wouldn’t be much of an issue, but the color changing mechanic for boosts and charging fall a bit flat. It actively punishes you for ignoring it and there’s no available mode for avoiding it. Its’ largest sin is that it forces the player to act without being compelling. It’s forcibly difficult in places where it shouldn’t be.

Yeah, if this game was so great then the earlier version would be making more of a splash. I’m more curious about Redout especially with its ‘land on all axis’ type gameplay. The game has been largely ignored on PC. But I have never heard of a racing game truly succeed on PC. And Redout has a cart. I like carts.

I think many Switch games that seem good now are going to become blah as we get to them. The real question are surprise hits, but those seem to be fewer and fewer each year.

Looking back during NES days, people say so many of those games were bad. I disagree. NES library has many, many classics which we all know. But the bad NES games are like indie games today. You know why? There was no Game Industry back then, no AAA formula. All games were indie games except for Konami, Capcom, Nintendo, Sega, and the other arcade game makers. What this means is that even the bad indie games are interesting because they were DIFFERENT. They did not use the same formula.

When a Western AAA game succeeds, it succeeds for three months… maybe a year at a discounted price. Then, the game is forgotten and never talked about. You never hear people going to buy a Xbox 360 to buy all the great game library there. It is all Western AAA games that have aged like milk. But the cartridge console libraries have aged like wine not because the ratio of games were ‘better’, but it is because of the lack of the AAA game formula.

When a Western AAA game fails, no one plays it and the game remains terrible forever. But when an early cartridge game failed, people still find it interesting because the game tries incredible things. What were they thinking!? Playing bad NES games is like watching Space Theater 3000 (whatever the name of that show where they watch bad sci fi movies and deliver hilarious commentary). Western AAA games have no such appeal. They are like Michael Bay movies.

Above: Just like Western AAA gaming!



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