Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 27, 2017

Email: On making Fort Worth TX, the new Hollywood!

Hello Master Malstrom,

I agree with you! Hollywood today is a total disaster and nothing more of a cesspit of lies and deceit. Today’s star think they know what the common worker man wants, but they’re so out of touch with us that they will never know what it’s like working at an oil rig.

It’s much like today’s hardcore gamers and the AAA game industry, they’re so out of touch with the gaming market, they think we only want more graphics and more story. Pretty much all games need to be a piece of Art, yet forget how expensive game development is and us regular consumers don’t want to pay a full $60 on a bad game.

Instead of ‘oil rig’, I would say ‘plant’. Most people have no idea how stuff is made. “Work at a plant? Is that the destiny I want for my daughter or son?” Yeah, you do. I know operators who make $133,000 a year easy. To get into a plant, at least the ones around the Houston Ship Channel, it takes at least a 3 month process with various tests, training, and is just like getting into NASA (I know this because NASA is here too). But people think it is a ‘bad job’.

You know what a bad job is? A job that is not productive. Imagine shuffling paperclips and being paid by your rich uncle CEO or deep in administration of the government. You will go mentally insane because as human beings, we place value in our contribution to society.

AAA games is an investment term that means AAA is a formula with very, very expensive production and marketing that is lowest risk for profits. The problem with this investment formula for the Game Industry is that costs are a changing variable (it keeps going up) and the demand is dependent on a certain mindset of consumer.

The reason why games are not anything special today is because they aren’t. They are merely investment packages to sell to a certain demographic. I am sure the game makers study the cartoon and TV shows the young people watch in order to make games tailored to them when they hit the rich target audience of 13-20. Games are soulless because the process is soulless.

Nintendo has shown us that games can be soulful, amazing, and highly profitable. Instead, we have the EA route.



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