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S Minus 3 Days

Ladies and gentlemen, it is almost time.

Generation 9 is about to begin!

Gaming needs a Giant Ball to drop like in Times Square or something when a new generation begins.

“But Malstrom,” says the insufferable reader. “This is not a true start of a new generation. Handheld consoles have their own generation line. Gameboy is Gen 1, Gameboy Color is Gen 2, Gameboy Advance is Gen 3, DS is Gen 4, 3DS is Gen 5, so Switch is Gen 6!”

Silly reader! Have you been reading those hardcore gaming forums again? I told you not to do that. It will corrupt your thinking!

We do not have generations for arcades, do we? No. It is because Generation 1 (Odyssey, PONG, etc.) starts the same time the arcades did. Generations are a good metric of a timeline. The reason why game companies put out new consoles is because consumers demand them. They require more surprise and more excitement. Each console is a good ‘epoch’ of time. Handhelds act similar to home consoles in this.

And even if you want to believe in a handheld generation timeline, that timeline is all over. Switch is a home console and handheld. There are no competitors to the Nintendo handheld. Nintendo has defeated them all.




Neo Geo.



All have fallen before the Nintendo handheld.

It is interesting that there are TWO UNIVERSES of console gaming out there. And I do not mean ‘hardcore and casual’. There is HOME CONSOLE GAMING and there is HANDHELD GAMING.

Game Industry has a very HOME CONSOLE GAMING context because home consoles are dominant in the West. Sony and Microsoft are ‘titans’ while Nintendo is always the scrappy underdog in this universe.

But in the HANDHELD GAMING context we see something very different. In this universe, Microsoft is non-existent, and Sony has abandoned its console line after admitting defeat to Nintendo.

Imagine a console marketplace where Nintendo never loses. This would be the handhelds.

With Switch, these two universes will be collide.

Which will be the true universe? The one of home console or the one of handheld?

I believe the future will be the universe of the handheld. The reason being is that all computer and consumer movement is to handheld. Japan is just years ahead of us in such consumer behavior (Japan was also the first to massively adopt smartphones years before the iPhone). The TV will wane as new generations of gamers grow up playing on tablets and phones.

Welcome to the New World.


Minecraft sells more copies

Clearly, this was a good decision for Microsoft to spend 2.5 billion dollars to buy Minecraft.


“But you said Minecraft has peaked! Look! It is still selling! OMG!”

Dumbasses. Do you not understand how assets work? If Microsoft offered to buy Minecraft for 2.5 million when it was still in Alpha, Notch may have gone for it. Then Microsoft could turn Minecraft from 2.5 million value to 2.5 billion. Does anyone actually think 2.5 billion value will turn into 20.5 billion value or 2.5 trillion value? No. In this light, the asset has ‘peaked’. Now once the 2.5 billion dollar payment has been repaid, it may produce some cashflow. But in terms of an appreciating asset, Minecraft has already peaked.

You buy low and sell high. Microsoft bought Minecraft when it was high. Nintendo would never make such a ridiculous deal.


Email: I want a cart of this

It’s an upgrade of the Master System/ Turbo graphics game Wonder Boy 3 but more importantly it allows you to switch back to 8 bit graphics on a whim as well as use passwords from the original (scroll down for that trailer.)
It’s coming to Switch and if it’s gets a physical release, it will be a day one buy for me.
Then why are you telling me? I am only a Malstrom. I do not produce Switch carts. Perhaps you should send your email to the company behind the game.
Email: Your readers will not let you retire?
I agree as a Nintendo Virtual Console owner do not buy digital! While most of my Wii VC games were brought over to Wii u for the $1.00-$2.00 transfer fee. There are still many Virtual Console games still stuck in Wii mode that never made it over now possibly stuck on Wii u!.Until Nintendo has the system in place like smartphones and Apple do (As they have said they are working towards in the past) I would stick with Physical!

Always physical! Always!
I was talking to the biggest retro game seller in this area. He tells me that based on trends, soon everyone will be scrambling for anything physical. Even the crappy sports games for the NES that you see for $5 everywhere…. they are now going up nickels and are reaching $10. While some of the big ticket games tumble in price every now and then as hype is released, they then start inching up again. But the bulk of all the games keep inching up. THERE IS FINITE SUPPLY. And the demand is forever because classics are forever.


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