Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 28, 2017

Open Letter to Damon Baker

Dear Mr. Damon Baker (I see you are married so you are not a Master. My condolences),

You are only half-way there to making the Switch a successful console. There are many good indie games here. However, they need to be on carts. When this happens, you elevate the indie games to ‘normal games’. Many of these indie games are better than retail games. And most indie games are far more interesting than Western AAA games.

Switch has something that PlayStation and Xbox cannot do: carts.

If even a limited run, through mail, is made of these indie games on carts, they will sell 100% of the stock.

In Generation 7, Nintendo said, “There is no such thing as casual games or hardcore games. There are only games.” Then the Wii sold a gazillion because Nintendo made that context.

In Generation 9, Nintendo should say, “There is no such thing as AAA games or indie games. There are only games.” Then watch the Switch sell a gazillion.

It is all up to you, Damon Baker.

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We trust you. We hope!



Master Malstrom



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