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Aonuma did not want to make a game like the Legend of Zelda!!!!!

My first encounter with Zelda occurred in 1988 shortly after I joined Nintendo. After studying design in college, I began work designing pixel characters. At the time, I didn’t have much experience playing games, and I was particularly bad at playing games that required quick reflexes. So, immediately after I started playing the original Zelda, I failed to read the movements of the Octorock in the field and my game suddenly game to an end. Even after getting used to the controls, each time the screen rolled to a new area new Octorock appeared and I thought ‘am I going to have to fight these things forever?’ Eventually, I gave up getting any further in the game.

the result was that I was under the impression that the Legend of Zelda was not a game that suited me. So what kind of games did suit me? Those would be text-based adventures. For someone like me who enjoyed reading stories, these were games that allowed you to participate in the story and letting you experience the joy of seeing your own thoughts and actions affect the progression of the story. Plus, these games don’t require fast reflexes and don’t require traditional gaming skills. So, I thought that if I were going to make games, I would like to make this type of game.

Aonuma, GDC 2004

I do not know if Aonuma wanted Zelda to go in the direction below. But what we DO know is that Aonuma hated (I mean HATED) the original Legend of Zelda. The reason why Zelda is NOT like the original in spirit is because of Aonuma. Nintendo put someone in charge of Zelda franchise who hated the game!

Fuck you, Aonuma!!!!!!!!!

Thank you whoever made this video.

HOLY COW! Look at 2:16 in the video. Koizumi wanted to make Zelda and have Aonuma make Mario. Koizumi even said you could enjoy the Zelda I would make. Aonuma was firmly against it! Hahahahaha. Aonuma knows he would be revealed. Everyone at Nintendo get moved around at different franchises, but not Aonuma. In any company, those guys who cannot get moved around are those who have the least talent.



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