Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 2, 2017

Email: A potential system seller

Towerfall Ascension!

The developer announced that a Switch port is on the way! It got a
blink-and-you’ll-miss-it mention at the end of the Nindies showcase, as
a tiny logo in the corner of the screen…not sure why they didn’t show
a video. Maybe the dev didn’t have any Switch footage ready to show.

A friend of mine got this on Steam for a house party back when it came
out for PC, and it is a stellar couch party game, especially with 4
people. I was actually really hoping for this game to come out for
Switch ever since Bomberman was announced, since Bomberman made me
realize how much of a perfect fit single-screen multiplayer games are
for Switch.

If only it were on a cart! It’s even on GOG, so there’s really no
excuse for anyone to be stuck with just a DRM-locked digital version.
Apparently this game made the lead dev a millionaire, so here’s hoping
he’ll decide to invest in a physical release.

And there better be a Joy-Con with a real D-pad on the way.


It won’t be a system seller. But it is far more interesting than Western AAA gaming.



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