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What inspired Breath of the Wild? Physics? Minecraft?

Above: Looks more fun than Western AAA gaming and Aonuma Zelda to boot!

So Nintendo did some physics prototype of the original Legend of Zelda. This may evolve into a Zelda Maker for Switch.

But what I do not understand is why does Nintendo think putting physics in Zelda is a new concept? The Zelda game with the most physics is Zelda 2. You cannot beat the game without mastering the game’s physics.

I think what Nintendo is referring to more is environment repercussions… or in other words… interactivity with the world. Minecraft has tons of interactivity with the world despite its blocky nature.

Do you know what classic game features the most interactivity with the world? The game that is constantly mentioned on this site that it seems now people are beginning to realize (that interactivity is important)?

Image result for ultima 7 box

Start at 8:30. Not only can you move almost any object, you can interact with it to take flour, bake bread, eat that bread or sell it, etc. At one point, he says, “Many people didn’t follow the storyline. They got sidetracked into the huge world and did whatever they wanted.” Sounds like Breath of the Wild (if it comes out the way it should). [Ultima is also the inspiration behind Skyrim]

Now why does a game like Ultima 7 matter? Well, Ultima 3 was partly the inspiration of the original Zelda. (It’s true!) Ultima 7 was the bedrock behind Ultima Online (the first MMORPG which spawned the MMORPG genre). Ultima 7 came out in 1992, on diskettes, and is like a single player MMORPG. To those who play it, you know what I am talking about. Float this game around the game developers, and they will all agree with what was said here. Especially Bethesba

What is interesting here is that Ultima 7’s interactivity is more of the urban environments, not natural. You cannot chop down trees in Ultima 7. In Breath of the Wild, all the interaction (aside from the puzzle dungeons) shown have been the natural ones.

This tells us a heavy inspiration for Breath of the Wild is this game:

Above: Minecraft was more of a spiritual successor to Zelda 1 than Aonuma Zelda. This shot really shows it. Note the wolf companion which is also in Breath of the Wild.



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