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Email: Difficulty of Valuing BotW

It has been a magical time. Magical is the highest tier I can think to place games. BotW is, so far, certainly the most magical gaming experience I have had this side of Y2K, and perhaps ever.

It is certainly true that perspective and time will be needed to appraise the game as a whole, but I cannot fathom anything that will be able to taint what I’ve already experienced. While I look forward to a time when we can discuss the details of BotW (and yes I see many flaws), it simply must be said: the volume and quality of what I have experienced thus far already cement this as a legendary game, and that, even among the other classics I have played, I have never enjoyed the initial experience of game I play for the first time as much as I have the last couple days. I feel like a child again; even if my experience with the game tops off, it will remain greater than the honeymoon phase of the three other magical classics I played at release (OoT and the first 2 pokemon gens; I didn’t get to play ALttP and SMW until they were about 10 years old.)

I feel that needs to be said. Perhaps I won’t want to keep playing this game for 20 years, but does that really negate the value of the honeymoon phase itself?

Also, next time I have a break at work I’m gonna have to look through your really old posts. The first post of yours I ever read was criticising TP and saying the game should have many mini-dungeons and a more wholesome overworld. It’s so uncanny I have to wonder if the unfortunate Nintendo of America employee assigned to your blog flew to Kyoto and personally shoved the post in Aounuma’s face. It’s those moments of spectacular insight that let you live up to your title of Worlds Most Interesting Gamer.


Iwata said that listening to the voice of the customer is not enough. The voice of the non-customer must be heard. When I heard him say that, I thought, “OK!” and started airing the Zelda/Mario/Etc. complaints. While many readers may think Malstrom had gone nuts, there was reason for it. It is why with something like Metroid, we cannot stop pointing out how terrible ‘anime’ Metroid is with Sakamoto’s story or whatever else they plan to do. I’d like a Metroid like Breath of the Wild.

NES Era was a golden gaming era because of these legendary games. Go from Generation 2 games (Atari) and go to the NES. It is shocking. Brand new controller. Zelda 1 was incredible then like Breath of the Wild is today. Zelda 2, different, was just as incredible. It spawned cereal, toys, even a cartoon.

Above: When is this from? 1988? Zelda was a phenomenon once upon a time.


In five years from now, we will see many franchises be inspired by Breath of the Wild and see a transformation of gaming to this style (of multiple systems interacting with one another to create a wide infinity of possibilities). We know this because the classic Zeldas changed gaming.

I am eagerly anticipating more Switch games, but it is strange how it feels that Breath of the Wild will take a long time to digest! Is this good or bad? I do not know. I don’t know what to think about the game. It has left me baffled.

I start playing BoW “Wow!”, hours pass, but it feels like I didn’t do much because I was like “Hey, lets go to that tower there!” or “I got some spicy peppers! Let us transverse this winter landscape!” But I want to keep playing! The game is very addictive which is a great sign. Time runs out, I have to sleep and I realize I didn’t do anything in the game! I am not sure what to think of that.

All I can say is that anyone who makes a MMORPG in the style of Zelda: BoW “Wow!” will make a billion dollars. MMORPGs may be the sweet, sweet future killer app for the Switch.

BTW, why does it feel like approaching Hyrule castle in BoW “Wow!” to be like the intro to Terminator 2?

BTW again, I love how Breath of the Wild uses FUTURISTIC TECHNOLOGY in the game (even uses constellations on the shrines and all). As I’ve said, futuristic technology works in mythology because technology comes from the past. In science fiction, technology comes from the future. The way how Zelda BoW “Wow!” uses futuristic technology reminds me of Zelda 2. Zelda 2 was a high tech Zelda with hover devices  (the knights rode hover horses!), lasers, a decaying world, and so on.

I always pointed to Final Fantasy doing this method very well. Final Fantasy 1 is really fun since the very, very beginning of the game is deliberately fantasy cliche of ‘rescue princess’. Then the game goes to lesser fantasy cliches until you are flying in airships, fighting war mechs in flying technological castles, and going through time.

I really like how Breath of the Wild is a dangerous game with dangerous enemies. Those guardians are something else. Just climb to the top of the tower in the area of Hyrule Castle. The intensity of dodging guardian lasers has not been seen since… honestly… Zelda 2.



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