Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 8, 2017

Quick Helpful Tip for Zelda Breath of the Wild

Get the climbing gear. There are three pieces. Two are easy to get early on in the game. Since this game is bloated as is, speeding up the climbing is a godsend.

climber's bandanna zelda breath of the wild

The bandana is in Ree Dahee Shrine in the chest. You’ll figure out how to get it.

climbing boots location zelda botw

Another piece is in Tahno O’ah Shrine. You just show up and the shrine has no puzzle. (You must bomb the wall to get into entrance.)

The trick though is that the shrine entrance is not enabled until you start the quest for it in Hatemo Village. She is Clive(?) and she hangs out on the dock in middle of town. She is easy to pass by since I think the central path goes past her. Talk to her, go to the shrine area, bomb it, and then that is it.

Climbing faster will remove some of the bloat in this game.




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