Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 13, 2017

Super Bomberman R is best selling in franchise in nearly 20 years

Here. We. Go!


Generation 9 folks!

Dos Equis Gifs to the World score dos equis the most interesting man

Konami says they would revive other franchises if Super Bomberman R sells well. What franchises would these be, reader?

Reader gasps excitedly. “Why, they would be…”




“But Master Malstrom,” says the reader, “Bomberman is a Hudson IP, not a Konami one. What of the Hudson IPs that could come over?”

This is an excellent question, reader! Let us see…


Adventure Island!


Image result for soldier blade

Soldier Blade!
I think two things would highly influence Konami’s choice in their next franchise to pull forward. First, does it sell it Japan? These are japanese companies, and they like what they like.

Zelda being a hit on the Switch shows that Switch consumers want action RPGs. What if Konami brought Neutopia back and put it in a 3d format as a type of Breath of the Wild clone? You never know, reader! You never know!

I wouldn’t be surprised also if a 3d Castlevania RPG is made similar to BOTW.

Zelda is the Switch killer app. I bet it leads to a flood of BOTW clones like how Blazing Lazers made Turbografx 16 a shmup console. Switch may become an adventure/RPG game console.



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