Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 13, 2017

Took nearly a week and around 20 hours, but I finally beat the first BOTW dungeon!

And boy, did I hate every moment of it. The shock arrow quest was lame. The dungeon (big elephant) was Aonuma water dungeon. The boss at the end I also hated. I don’t think I enjoy 3d combat at all in this game. I just force my way through by constantly eating.

BOTW is fun because the overworld is fun. But I highly dislike the shrines but they are tolerable since they are short, but I intensely despise the dungeons (if they are like the first one).

One thing BOTW cannot do in its overworld is provide proper caves or connected dungeons. There is a cave in Faron where, if you go in it, clouds bleed through the walls. Oops!

Also note that the ‘climbing’ which applies everywhere in the game does NOT apply in dungeons or shrines. How stupid is that? Screw you, Aonuma, and your stupid ass puzzles!



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